Urban Lattice

a structure consisting of strips of wood or metal crossed and fastened together with square or diamond-shaped spaces left between, used typically as a screen or fence or as a support for climbing plants.

synonyms: grid, latticework, fretwork, open framework, openwork, trellis, trelliswork, espalier, grille, network, mesh,…etcetera

d e l i r i u m

Samantha Star, Michelle Daniele and the Black Light/body paint themed photo shoot with Photographers in Philadelphia.

One of the pictures in this collection was selected by FWA Photo editors as Photo of the day, November 21st 2013


The Best Is Yet To Come

The fifth Mohnton Professional Car Club auto show at Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Eye of God: Eastern State Penitentiary

Designed by John Haviland,

Opened on October 25th 1829,

Closed in 1971,

Eastern State is considered the world’s first true penitentiary and had housed [notable] inmates such as Al Capone.

The most outstanding feature of the prison is the use of glass skylights in each cell representing the Eye Of God. This design suggested that inmates were always being watched by the Almighty.