From The Hat Duo = Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø + Jesse Kenas-Collins

Spending the past couple of years playing in improvised groups around Boston, Jesse Kenas-Collins has come to value both the sonic and social importance of such work. Improvising with others functions both as art and on some level as a form of group therapy. Exploring improvisation as a soloist is an even more fragile experience and one that Jesse has kept relatively private, focusing his solo efforts towards recordings and a handful of public performances. The opportunity to perform as a soloist here is quite a joy.

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (born 1986 in Trondheim, Norway) is a trombonist working mostly within contemporary fields of music. Educated in improvised music and jazz from the music academies in Gothenburg (BA) and Oslo (MA), he is now based in the Norwegian capital.

Still Motion

Sometimes I wonder if everything surrounding me has a soul…

As I look past the empty void reflected on the cheeks…

Of an imaginary angel flying around with a magical wand..

Gathering the shatters of my broken heart from the corners of the streets…

Before the wind blows and scatters all that remains..

The best I’ve seen so far is the still motion of life…

New Yorker festival day: October 18th 2009

Last Sunday, I managed to attend Robert Mankoff’s cartooning and Platon Photography master classes as part of the New Yorker festival.

The events were uplifting to say the least and provided a refuge from the terrible New York weather we had last weekend.

Afterwards, I roamed the streets of NY capturing some of the beauty of the big apple(as usual)!

On the road

You’re driving back home from work and contemplating the trees and the nice weather when something on the side of the road grabs your attention by the eyeballs.

When you normally see a road sign, your amygdala will, depending on the type and color of that sign , increase the adrenaline stream in the blood and raise your awareness to possible hazards on the road.

This road sign however had a different effect. It caused me to park my car and grab my camera to document this hilarious scene before the authorities took it out.

Tip Of the Hat to whoever did this!