Studebaker: The Great Independent

From the speedway comes their stamina . . . from the skyway comes their style

You’re out of date without an eight

Smart to be seen in . . . smarter to buy

Your thrifty one in ’51

Studebaker-the great independent

The common sense cars

Craftsmanship with Flair

First by far with a post-war car

Respect Your Elders: Bavarian Beauty

In Germany they say Bey Em Vey. And they get out of the way…

The Driver’s Car

The Ultimate Tanning Machine

Vive la différence

Bavarian Cream

The Real McCoy

If you’ve wanted a Vette since you were a kid, you’ve waited long enough

Forecast Of A New Era In American Sports Cars

The Real McCoy

Wolf in wolf’s clothing

Aficionados are made, not born

Some things in life are memorable. Others are unforgettable

The average dream lasts 6.6 minutes. This isn’t your average dream

Europe Blinked…

Announcing The Death Of Speculation