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R h y o l i t e

I stayed in Beatty, NV while visiting Death Valley. Beatty is around 40 miles from Furnace Creek and is considerably cheaper in terms of accommodation than lodging inside the national park.

Near Beatty lies the ghost town of Rhyolite, which was established in 1905 to support the mining efforts during the Gold rush at the time. It peaked around 1907 with an opera house, railroad, school and a stock exchange. By 1911, the town was closed due to decreasing mining output and the displacement of the workers who occupied the town.

Today, it is a ghost town perfect for those interested in photography and ghost matters!

It even houses the Goldwell Open Air Museum which features artwork made a few Belgian artists and is astounding as you could see in the photos below!  


By Kinan Faham

Kinan Faham(the Silent Camera) is a software guy with interests in visual and sonic arts. Through photography and video, he captures the extraordinary in the ordinary.

His renderings bring out the beauty of his subjects in unexpected ways. With films, usually accompanied by music, the viewer is often overcome with many mixed emotions.

Kinan was born in the oldest continually inhabited city in the world and moved to the states for graduate school in 2006. He has been in the Boston area since 2016. Prior to Boston, Kinan lived in NY, CT and PA.

For him, art is a hobby that also forms an essential, inseparable part of his being..

He says, "I capture the world in still motion..."

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