Between Thou and Me!

I wrote this piece when BMW unveiled the e60 M5(2004). A monologue of sorts!

Hey you!
Yes….you the one who is staring at the screen right now….Look at me straight in the eye…What do you see?
Innocent angel eyes,right?
Wrong,those are the most devilish eyes in the world ever seen….Even more devilish is the powerplant heart.
This is a mammoth V10 engine with 5.0 liters of displacement capable of releasing 507 bhp when needed.My ancestor had to live with a V8 but I refused to be treated the same way.I’m the kind of machine that ain’t get beaten that easily.
Would you be needing an acceleration figure better than 4.7 secs to hit the first 100 kmh?
Go get yourself an F1 car with Michael Shumacher to drive it for you.
When cornering I can reach figures over 1 G( being the earth’s gravity force); add some heavy braking to it & we’ll be talking 1.3 G!!
This kind of performance requires a special nutrition therapy; Check this out:
How about 13 liters of oil to keep the 4 oil pumps running to ensure the oil gets where it should? Or how about 15 liters of coolant capacity in addition to double the quantity of air needed to cool the 545i?
How about a gearbox that houses 7 gear ratios known as SMGIII? This is BMW’s latest generation of SMG units although I’d still prefer o get around with my good old 6 speed manual unit.
Let’s get electronic now: Each one of my breed has three 32-bit processors capable of performing up to 200 million individual calculations a second managing my power plant alone.
MSN followers…sorry no format button here!
In my engine’s production life cycle that lasts 24 hours a  margin of tolerance equal to 1 thousand of millimeter is allowed(equal to 1 fifth of a human’s hair width!)…………..Oh my… am I accurately assembled or what!

Well, stop scratching your head & start digging deep in your pocket. You’ll need about 414.000 SR (110.000$) to take me home.
Hey ….do you hear me???? Where have you gone?
Come back here………………..What are running from?
Oh this is it……See you on the street in January 2005

I do not know where I got this picture from!

By Kinan Faham

"the Silent Camera" was conceived in 2009 and was inspired by the music of Arvo Part especially his piece "Silentium". I perceive the modern world as oscillating between two extremes that are analogous to two of Arvo Part's pieces: "Perpetuum Mobile" represents the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the sea of people surrounding you, the noise in the streets, the deadlines, the challenges and the lessons to learn, the new technologies and risks facing our civilization, the musical pieces you learn [or fail to master],.. etc. "Silentium" represents the resolution of every musical note, every spoken word and every movement of your day. It is the moment that you are most likely to remember after the day's noise has settled and its turbulence has subsided. It is the moment that we all crave and the moment that will allow us to persist to the next day when the Perpetuum Mobile cycle starts again.

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