Broadcloth Trio

On January 30th 2010, Broadcloth trio played two sets of their original compositions with two aspiring guests. Broadcloth is a free improv Chamber group that includes:

Anne Rhodes, Vocal
Nathan Bontrager, Cello
Adam Matlock, Accordion and Recorders(he also provided some voices)

The guests were

Gabriel Bolaños Chamorro, electronic spectral music composition and guitar
Steve Zieminski, percussion and drums

The trio played the following pieces(in the order they were played):

Intro piece” composed by Nathan Bontrager

Windows In Walls” composed by Adam Matlock

In Stitches” composed by Anne Rhodes and inspired by an embroidery she had made

State Crunch Singularity” composed by Gabriel Bolaños Chamorro and includes electronic renderings of previously played tracks with acoustic performance

Free improv

After the break, Gabriel and Steve joined the trio in playing the following pieces:

Intro Piece II” revised with the addition of Gabriel on the guitar

The quintet then played a circular series of duets where two performers would play simultaneously with one of them leading while the other musician provides the atmosphere and transfer the rhythm to the next musician. This was really outstanding. Gabriel played the guitar and Steve the percussions.

In Stitches II” was revisited with Steve adding the percussions

The quintet finally finished the performance with an improv(improvisation) finale.

You may find all the video clips captured during the performance on YouTube (links are provided on the names of the individual pieces above). Alternatively, I created a playlist that shows the pieces one at a time in the same order they were played, here it goes:

Still photos of the performance follow:

By Kinan Faham

"the Silent Camera" was conceived in 2009 and was inspired by the music of Arvo Part especially his piece "Silentium". I perceive the modern world as oscillating between two extremes that are analogous to two of Arvo Part's pieces: "Perpetuum Mobile" represents the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the sea of people surrounding you, the noise in the streets, the deadlines, the challenges and the lessons to learn, the new technologies and risks facing our civilization, the musical pieces you learn [or fail to master],.. etc. "Silentium" represents the resolution of every musical note, every spoken word and every movement of your day. It is the moment that you are most likely to remember after the day's noise has settled and its turbulence has subsided. It is the moment that we all crave and the moment that will allow us to persist to the next day when the Perpetuum Mobile cycle starts again.

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