Out Of Thin Air Performs at The Ivory

Out Of Thin Air, the band, logo
Out Of Thin Air, the band, logo

Out Of Thin Air, the band, performed a lengthy and lively set a couple of weeks ago in the little town of Deep River, CT. Their music included song covers from all sorts of genres.

Out Of Thin Air is:

Chris Funk – Guitar, background vocals
Laura Funk- Lead Female Vocals, Keyboard
Don Buell – Drums, Vocals
Emily Favale – Vocals
Carl Suiter – Bass, Lead Male Vocals

The band has a youTube channel full of live performances all over the shoreline, check it out at:


By Kinan Faham

the Silent Camera is Kinan Faham's photography moniker. Kinan is a software guy with interests in visual and sonic arts. Through photography and video, he captures the extraordinary in the ordinary. Kinan was born in the oldest continually inhabited city in the world and moved to the states for graduate school. For him, art is a hobby that also forms an essential, inseparable part of his being.. The inspiration for the Silent Camera name came from contemporary composers Arvo Part and John Luther Adams whose compositions defy complex structures in favor of meditative voices and can be linked to space/visual stimuli.


  1. Kinan,

    What a great job you did! I love the pictures! Is was great to meet you all.
    Thank you very much, I will share the link!

    Kristine Funk 🙂

  2. Hi All, we just wanted to see if you were playing anywhere. We obviously have had a falling out with Don but you all were great. We hope Laura is doing well in school and we really miss Chris on guitar as well as Carl and his GREAT vocals. By the way, Darcy sends a big HELLO to Carl’s wife, she misses her.

    All the best to you…Scott & Darcy Morgan

    By the way, Kristine. you are a GREAT manager…we only wish you well

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