Cars with Souls

Porsche 356 at Larz Anderson Auto Museum. Brookline, MA

Images from Larz Anderson Auto Museum Lawn Events in Brookline, MA Summer 2021.
Tutto Italiano
British Invasion
Member Cars Day
Porsche Day

In Memoriam of Lou Cohen: John Cage in The Park

In Memoriam of Lou Cohen: John Cage in The Park

OpenSound closed its 2017 concert series with a performance of John Cage’s “Variations III” in Seven Hills Park, in Davis Square. Since 2005, OpenSound has been a home for Boston-based improvisers, sound artists, dancers, and creative thinkers, as well as for regional, national, and international touring artists. For many years its final concert was a performance… Continue reading In Memoriam of Lou Cohen: John Cage in The Park

Innovative Design

1950 Allard J2 was shown by Fred Simeone in the first demo day of 2015. The theme was Innovative Design. Simeone Museum Philadelphia, PA

The Simeone Museum’s Innovative Design Day celebrated 4 cars  famous for individual innovations. Some of these fine examples changed the course of automotive history while others disappeared forgotten…   1924 Lancia Lambda Third Series Tourer According to Dr. Simeone, this was the first car to feature a load bearing monocoque body which, ultimately, became the standard of… Continue reading Innovative Design

From The Scrap Yard To The Race Track: The Curious Case Of Brooklands

1936 Delahaye 135S was featured at the Simeone Foundation Automative Museum part of their Why Did Brooklands Save So Many Cars Demo Day. Philadelphia, PA

The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia demonstrated five fine cars from Brooklands which, besides being the world’s first purpose-built race track, was a place where members could race their sports cars on a club-owned track. Brooklands gave drivers the opportunity to use cars that were otherwise outdated. Many historically significant cars were saved from the scrap heap… Continue reading From The Scrap Yard To The Race Track: The Curious Case Of Brooklands

Racing Legends: When NASCAR was for real stock cars

Racing Legends: When NASCAR was for real stock cars, a 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix PEPSI by Roy Tyner at Simeone Foundation Museum. Philadelphia, PA.

The Simeone Foundation Museum demonstrated five legendary NASCARs in Philadelphia, PA, three of which were captured in images: 1963 Chevrolet Impala “Mystery Motor” ex Junior Johnson1969 Pontiac Grand Prix “PEPSI” ex Roy Tyner.1938 Ford Louis Smith Replica1953 Hudson Hornet “Satan of Morimar”1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

Racing Legends

Malcolm Sayer's Jaguar D-Type driven by Fred Simeone while Rudolf Uhlenhaut's beautiful Mercedes Benz Gullwing is flying in the other direction. Simeone Automotive Museum. Philadelphia, PA

The Simeone Foundation Automative Museum showcased 5 European racing cars from the 20th century: 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Interim Berlinetta 1377 – 6th place in the 1959 Lemans race 1956 Mercedes Benz Gullwing 300 SL 1933 Alfa Romeo Monza 1954 Austin Healey 1956 Jaguar D-Type – 3rd place in the 1956 Sebring Race

The Best Is Yet To Come

A 1963 Superior Cadillac Hearse seen at the 5th Mohnton Professional Car Club Hearse and Car Show. Laurel Hill Cemetery. Philadelphia, PA

The fifth Mohnton Professional Car Club auto show at Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Deveykus: Hasidic Doom Metal

Dan Blacksberg performs TCHMENTREACH with Nick Nick Millevoi. Archer Spade Performance Series at The Rotunda. Philadelphia, PA

Deveykus is Trombonist Dan Blacksberg’s latest brainchild, blending traditional Ashkenazic Jewish Music with Doom Metal. The idea was conceived by Blacksberg in 2012; he decided to collaborate with musicians whose backgrounds spanned experimental rock, metal, Jazz and Jewish music to form the band. Deveykus is: Nick Millevoi, GuitarYoshie Fruchter, GuitarJohnny DeBlase, BassEli Litwin, DrumsandDan Blacksberg,… Continue reading Deveykus: Hasidic Doom Metal