From The Scrap Yard To The Race Track: The Curious Case Of Brooklands

1936 Delahaye 135S was featured at the Simeone Foundation Automative Museum part of their Why Did Brooklands Save So Many Cars Demo Day. Philadelphia, PA

The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia demonstrated five fine cars from Brooklands which, besides being the world’s first purpose-built race track, was a place where members could race their sports cars on a club-owned track.

Brooklands gave drivers the opportunity to use cars that were otherwise outdated. Many historically significant cars were saved from the scrap heap at Brooklands. Among them are the following five fine examples from the Simeone Museum collection:

1925 Alfa Romeo RL SS(Super Sport)
1934 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Spyder(Castagna)
1934 MG K3 Magnette
1936 Delahaye 135S

1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B MM

Les Rhinocéros


played a set of their music at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, PA.

Les Rhinocéros at Johnny Brenda’s

Les Rhinocéros is known for bending the rules with their music. Their pieces often contain elements of Rock, World Music, Noise, Ambient and Jazz.

Deveykus: Hasidic Doom Metal

Dan Blacksberg performs TCHMENTREACH with Nick Nick Millevoi. Archer Spade Performance Series at The Rotunda. Philadelphia, PA
Deveykus debut their album: Pillar Without Mercy at Johnny Brenda’s

Deveykus is Trombonist Dan Blacksberg’s latest brainchild, blending traditional Ashkenazic Jewish Music with Doom Metal.

The idea was conceived by Blacksberg in 2012; he decided to collaborate with musicians whose backgrounds spanned experimental rock, metal, Jazz and Jewish music to form the band.

Deveykus is:

Nick Millevoi, Guitar
Yoshie Fruchter, Guitar
Johnny DeBlase, Bass
Eli Litwin, Drums
Dan Blacksberg, Trumbone

In Hebrew, Deveykus means: “To Cleave to god” and refers to an ecstatic, trance-like state brought on by the singing of Nigunim.

The video was captured at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia and marked the debut of Pillar Without Mercy in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia’s Hack 2.0

Philadelphia's Hack 2.0 at bahdeebahdu art space

An overview of Philadelphia’s Hack 2.0 event at bahdeebahdu art space.

HACK 2.0 is a technology based design and art exhibition featuring hackers, artists, and designers from Philadelphia and beyond.

This video shows a glimpse of Joo Won Park’s performance as well as other happenings.


Joo Won Park et al at Philadelphia’s Hack 2.0