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The Butterfly Effect

This was an escape from the harsh winter surrounding New England into a tropical island located in SouthDeerfield, MA. New England Oddities organized a visit to Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory for a photoshoot.

Remember what Dr. Lecter says in the movie: Silence Of the lambs?

Fly fly fly, Clarice… fly fly fly fly

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The Sky Was Glorious For A Moment, Central Park

Last Sunday we had an unusually blue sky all over the place. It looked especially dramatic around the reservoir of Central Park.

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I will leave this post untitled. Photos were taken in Connecticut….

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Another entry in the Big Apple diaries

My day started early this past Saturday as I was behind the wheel just as the sun was rising to catch up with my photography meetup group in the city for a walk around Union Square, Washington Square park and the street fairs going on there. It was interesting to say the least…

As I was wondering around the street market, I heard a guy repeating the phrase: "Sheeshhh Kabaaab…" in a very authentic way… He turned out to be from Russia, his name is Sasha and his photos are in the collection!

Later on, I met with friends of mine for some Arabic conversation practice and hit Broadway North. On my way, I saw an immaculate version of Tin Tin’s Citroën Traction Avant and later bumped into the famous Naked cowboy in Times square.

Moreover, there was a couple having their wedding in a church just by the corner of Times square so I joined the masses and had a few pictures(they seemed to be hot shots but no one in the crowd had a clue who they were).

A Johnny Rockets late lunch and 1200 Calories later, my final destination in the city was Lincoln Plaza Cinema for Michael Moore’s latest motion picture Capitalism, a love story.

& that was it for yet another day in the big apple….

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All She Leaves Behind

All I ever wanted….

was to see her smile….

She arrives every morning with her little black case…

I spend hours of my day staring at her glow in the sky…

Until I can’t take it any more and I have to run away…

Tears running down my cheeks and my heart bursting in flames….

This can’t go on forever, I go back later in the day…

She already packed her robe in her case…

Prepared to leave my world, she says one word…

“Let me drown…

I am in the water…

You can’t save me…

Let me drown…

I am in the water…”

All of a sudden, my small town becomes the darkest of all places, filled with her ashes and debris…

And the moon comes out to sooth my sorrow…

I go back to the train platform to wait for her return…

Hope to see her the next morning is all she leaves behind….

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Lenses N Roses

I was amazed On Friday when I drove up to Hartford to join the members of the Mid Connecticut photography meetup group in Elizabeth park. The sun was out, the sky clear and people were invading the park holding hands, smiling and cherishing the weather turnout on that afternoon after a week of uninterrupted rain.

We had our guns(cameras) ready and I managed to capture part of the beauty of that day using my Cybershot DSC-H50 with Sony’s Wide Conversion lens…Here it goes: