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The Best Friends [No] Money Can Buy

The Chronicles of Maher, Mirna and Alan in New York City.

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La Familia

Gramma + 2 Aunts + Cousin = ?

See the pictures and the video for an answer…

Part 1(Setti , Khalati and bent Khalti):

Part 2(Khalti and Bentha):

Here is a video titled: Syrian Lunch Dance No 5 In G Minor…

Gathering Hiking Nature Parks

Last time we met up was…

This was a hike in West Rock State Park followed by a party hosted by Emily in New Haven, CT. The title was inspired by the fact that she has not seen some of the people who showed up for more than 20 years.

Family Gathering photography Videography

Best Friends Money Can Buy

A few moments around Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family….Bless their hearts….


Gathering photography Travel Videography

From San Francisco, with love

This is a series of photos and videos taken on the streets on San Francisco earlier this month. You will see the bay, Golden Gate Bridge and the streets of Sausalito in the playlist below.

And here are a few photos taken in various places around the city:

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Reuniting with Old Friends in Stockton

This was the last night before we came back to the North East. We had driven up to Stockton where Ghazwan lives now and had a blast!

You could see that the images are not my work. Couldn’t you, my friends?

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Manhattan Of Trees

This is the first in a series of posts with pictures & videos captured in many parts of California earlier this month while my long time friends, Bilal & Ahmed, were visiting the States.

We started in San Francisco, headed North on US 101 towards Redwoods national park immersing in the beauty of the scenes on the way to Crescent City on the border with Oregon. The following YouTube playlist features 5 videos captured on the road and on foot while in Redwoods country.

The photograph titled: Manhattan Of Trees was selected by FWA Photo editors as Photo of the day, March 14th 2013

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The Chronicles Of A & B In The Big Apple

Two of my best friends visited the states in the past two weeks. This is a group of photos showing different places we stopped by while walking Manhattan with Ali Safarjalani(The Godfather!).

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This was a lunch with my colleagues in the Back Porch which is on Ferry Road, Old Saybrook CT. The occasion was the Employee Appreciation Day.


Dirty Jobs: Japanese restaurant chef

Last week, we had a dinner with the Macmillans in Clinton, CT at Hanami Sushi Bar & Hibachi Grill and the chef managed to pull a few tricks that I could not prevent myself from capturing.

Mike Rowe: You should include guys like this one in your series, it can’t be too thrilling to roll eggs all day long or can it?

Welcome back to CT!