Day 7: Oh! Great Pacific!

Angry Birds Are Everywhere...EVERYWHERE...

After Crestridge Ecological Reserve hike with San Diego’s hiking meetup group, I thought I’d give Torrey Pines state park a shot! It was a little cloudy but nothing could deter me from filming or shooting the beauty of San Diego’s beach! One of the pictures in this collection, Angry Birds, was selected by FWA Photo… Continue reading Day 7: Oh! Great Pacific!

Day 11: BadWater Basin, Last moonrise of 2009

After hiking Golden Canyon, we hit Badwater for a few while the sun was still shining. On our way back to Texas Springs Campground, the moon had started ascending the sky and was well worth ending the year with. 

Day 11: Golden Canyon: How Zabriskie Point, Gower Gulch & Red Cathedral looked on the last day of 2009

Golden Canyon is a short gorge that cuts into brightly colored sandstone rocks in many glowing shades of orange, gold and red, with the ever-present deep blue sky above making the hues seem especially sharp and intense. Once there was a paved road running up the whole length but this has long been disused and… Continue reading Day 11: Golden Canyon: How Zabriskie Point, Gower Gulch & Red Cathedral looked on the last day of 2009

Day 10: Racetrack Playa, The Sailing Stones

Here is the link to the Wikipedia article mentioning the racetrack. The name comes from the tracks left on the dry sandy ground which used to be a lake bottom long time ago. The rocks are supposed to move with no human or animal intervention but rather due to slides guiding them to the ground… Continue reading Day 10: Racetrack Playa, The Sailing Stones

Day 7: Crestridge Ecological Reserve in El Cajon, CA

Another (shorter) hike with Take A Hike! meetup group that took place on the 27th of December 2009. The purpose was to discover this remote park located in El Cajon, CA. Those who intended to burn Christmas calories probably gained more as we headed to Tylers of Texas BBQ house for lunch afterwards!    

Fall finale…Everything must go!

The following gallery was taken in Old Saybrook and Essex, Connecticut mostly in places I have not been to before. It always captivates me when the sun rises after a long dark rainy night and reveals the beauty of our world. Here is to another captivating moment wondering around…