Unlike humans, trees choose to go naked as the weather gets cooler revealing colors not seen in any other season. For autumn is filled with vivid colors combined with withering life prepared to face the harsh face of winter. This set was captured on October 25th 2009 in and around Mohonk mountain in New Paltz,… Continue reading Striptease


I will leave this post untitled. Photos were taken in Connecticut….

Hurt Lockers

This is a series of new acquaintances I usually make on my porch on Monday mornings after coming back from a weekend’s getaway. We usually introduce ourselves and exchange contact information. If I was really lucky & the new comer was tech-savvy, we might as well become friends on facebook!

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Her Enigma

A meetup member in the hiking group asked me when I started my photography hobby(I see it more of an OCD!). I answered that shortly after I moved to New England, I became obsessed with the beauty of the nature in spite of the fact that New England gets really harsh winters(to my likes at… Continue reading Her Enigma

Valley Falls Park hike

As the name implies, this post is about a hike I went to. It was a mixture of waterfalls, ponds, woods and swamps!

The black note

“Sweet bleak bliss of these pale mists pass… And I watch in trance…. How this weather’s wind howls between the trees… And how these last signs of light smoothly dance within… Trying to ease this dark burden… Just let me emerge in and touch sylvan-night… Carefully they caress me and touch gently… Though my words… Continue reading The black note