this earth is burning under her feet…centralia, pa

A collapsed section of PA Route 61. Centralia, Pennsylvania

centralia, pa is a ghost town in columbia county nestled between different coal mining towns. In 1962, fire had spread underneath the town through the town’s mining tunnels.

A day trip with Delaware County Hikers and Adventurers to Centralia, PA.. a ghost town with only a few souvenirs from its past

We were looking for areas where smoke was rising from the earth & ended up walking down the closed section of Pennsylvania route 61 which started to collapse in the 90s as the fire was raging underneath and causing the road to cave.

We finally take a walk around what is left of the main drag in Centralia, PA.
Unfortunately we did not find as many places with smoke coming out of the ground as we hoped. The only area with smoke rising from the ground appears at the beginning of the video.

All the music you hear in the video was written and played by Nic Bommarito.

You may recall a similar mining town, Rhyolite in NV, which disappeared years ago.

A Sandy Neck In Cape Cod

A piece of wood is facing the sun and the clouds behind it are engulfing a light blue sky. Sandy Neck Sand Dunes. Cape Cod, MA

Sandy Neck is a natural recreation and preservation space located on the southern side of Cape Cod Bay in the town of Barnstable in the state of Massachusetts. It has many trails that wind through a vast marsh housing many nesting areas for Ospreys and other local birds. Moreover, sand dunes separate the beach from the marsh in a unique composition of plantation, climate and scenery.

The video was taken mainly on the beach and trails 1 and 2. It features the following music pieces:

January by Marcel Pequel

February by Marcel Pequel

Past Has Not Passed by James Blackshaw

March by Marcel Pequel

April by Marcel Pequel

May by Marcel Pequel

The Cloud Of Unknowing by James Blackshaw

June by Marcel Pequel

July by Marcel Pequel

August by Marcel Pequel

September by Marcel Pequel

Cross by James Blackshaw

Morro Bay

The Watcher: A seagull staring at Morro Strand state beach. Morro Bay, CA

The last post for this Californian trip, this series of pictures was taken around Morro Bay while on our way to San Francisco.

Hence, the itinerary was as follows:

San Francisco –> Crescent City –> Yuba City –> Los Angeles –> Laguna Beach –> San Diego –> Las Vegas –> Santa Barbara –> Morro Bay where we then followed US 1 north to San Francisco