Cabin Fever, NOT!

As the summer withers away, days get shorter, sky gets greyer and fall peeks at us with its cool evenings. This was a hike in Vernon, CT in a forest/park that was donated by the Beldings to the state. It is known as the Belding wildlife management area. I decided to capture video this time… Continue reading Cabin Fever, NOT!

City Island’s heat on July 4th

If you’ve ever been to the Bronx, you most probably have heard of a place called City Island. Simply put, it is a refuge for people who like the city(has a view of Madhattan) but prefer some kind of distance from the traffic. Here it goes:

I’ve got the power

In an interesting showcase of power, precision and very well done marketing, the RI air show had, according to the people I saw, a bigger than thou crowd. Whatever the reason was, one can’t deny the effort put into making airplanes and how sophisticated it could get these days. Tip of the hat for the… Continue reading I’ve got the power

Lenses N Roses

I was amazed On Friday when I drove up to Hartford to join the members of the Mid Connecticut photography meetup group in Elizabeth park. The sun was out, the sky clear and people were invading the park holding hands, smiling and cherishing the weather turnout on that afternoon after a week of uninterrupted rain.… Continue reading Lenses N Roses

Burning of the fleet in Essex Connecticut

The town of Essex (celebrates) every year the loss of its fleet by the British soldiers in April of 1814. Many accounts exist to how this took place but the common theme is that the Britons anchored in Old Saybrook and used launches to reach Essex through Connecticut river. They were detected by the lighthouse… Continue reading Burning of the fleet in Essex Connecticut