Mattress Factory Sessions Presents: The Horse-Eyed Men

The Horse-Eyed Men

The Horse-Eyed Men are Noah and Dylan Harley, two brothers who play original disgruntled Americana and country. Raised by musical humans in a former candy store outside of Providence RI, their music mixes spaghetti-western themes with cabaret, ragtime, and post-partum punk.

From The Hat Duo = Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø + Jesse Kenas-Collins

From The Hat Duo = Henrik Notstebo + Jesse Kenas-Collins

Spending the past couple of years playing in improvised groups around Boston, Jesse Kenas-Collins has come to value both the sonic and social importance of such work. Improvising with others functions both as art and on some level as a form of group therapy. Exploring improvisation as a soloist is an even more fragile experience… Continue reading From The Hat Duo = Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø + Jesse Kenas-Collins

Still Motion

Sometimes I wonder if everything surrounding me has a soul… As I look past the empty void reflected on the cheeks… Of an imaginary angel flying around with a magical wand.. Gathering the shatters of my broken heart from the corners of the streets… Before the wind blows and scatters all that remains.. The best… Continue reading Still Motion

Gone with the wind

A day that started with heavy rains… then changed its mind and allowed the sun to shine and the wind to gust… Leaves & seagulls flying everywhere.. This was my day on Wednesday October 7th… How was yours?

Changing Colors

It is that time of the year (again). Took a walk around Essex(my current town) and snapped a few photos around Sunset Pond. A few tulips and lilies are still standing, this will not last forever. Enjoy the summer season finale while you can.


This is an album that tries to capture September’s lunacies,i.e.full moon. I ,among many others, fall prey to the beauty of this sphere in the sky and spend some time framing it! Here is to all the lunies in the world!