Discovering a city: Providence, RI

It was a sunny day,with blue skies and the perfect conditions to go out to the Ocean state and start shooting. I arrived there at 4:30 and started wandering when I bumped into a friend of mine whom I met in a meetup group. I joined him with his buddy and the three of us roamed the streets around Waterpark waiting for fire to be lit….

Here is a peek

On the road

You’re driving back home from work and contemplating the trees and the nice weather when something on the side of the road grabs your attention by the eyeballs.

When you normally see a road sign, your amygdala will, depending on the type and color of that sign , increase the adrenaline stream in the blood and raise your awareness to possible hazards on the road.

This road sign however had a different effect. It caused me to park my car and grab my camera to document this hilarious scene before the authorities took it out.

Tip Of the Hat to whoever did this!

The black note

“Sweet bleak bliss of these pale mists pass…

And I watch in trance….

How this weather’s wind howls between the trees…

And how these last signs of light smoothly dance within…

Trying to ease this dark burden…

Just let me emerge in and touch sylvan-night…

Carefully they caress me and touch gently…

Though my words are not spoken here and never revealed…

I do dream this in myself as I’m painfully wrapped in leaves…”


Source: Shape Of Despair’s track: Sylvan-night from their album: Shades of…

City Island’s heat on July 4th

If you’ve ever been to the Bronx, you most probably have heard of a place called City Island. Simply put, it is a refuge for people who like the city(has a view of Madhattan) but prefer some kind of distance from the traffic.
Here it goes:

I’ve got the power

In an interesting showcase of power, precision and very well done marketing, the RI air show had, according to the people I saw, a bigger than thou crowd. Whatever the reason was, one can’t deny the effort put into making airplanes and how sophisticated it could get these days.

Tip of the hat for the L-39 demo. I liked it sleek lines, slim fuselage and nimble take off. If I ever were to pick an air plane, it would be the L-39. It reminded me of the (1983-1991)E30 M3 which is my favorite car ever!

On the other hand,the Raptor and the Viper are truly the Lamborghinis of the sky. If you ever decide to get a Lamborghini Reventon, the Raptor should be on your garage list. Seriously, it was a breath taking demo.It was as if I watched Reventon side by side with the Gallardo on a track!

Blue Angels,Canadian Snow birds, John Klatt, Sean Tucker ,Ed Hamill, The Horsemen and others performed an endless series of enjoyable maneuvers.

I bet the rush of adrenaline on that day was phenomenal.

Oh, by the way; Tax payers: Don’t forget the tips!

Enjoy the photos and the videos!

Raptor and Viper demo

Lenses N Roses

I was amazed On Friday when I drove up to Hartford to join the members of the Mid Connecticut photography meetup group in Elizabeth park. The sun was out, the sky clear and people were invading the park holding hands, smiling and cherishing the weather turnout on that afternoon after a week of uninterrupted rain.

We had our guns(cameras) ready and I managed to capture part of the beauty of that day using my Cybershot DSC-H50 with Sony’s Wide Conversion lens…Here it goes: