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The Moon = Adam Caine + Federico Ughi

The Moon is an experimental duo from Brooklyn New York, featuring Adam Caine on electric guitar and Federico Ughi on drums.

All The Moon compositions are improvised with no pre-written lines, sections or forms, but the duo treats each of the songs as spontaneous compositions.

The duo cultivates a uniquely personal mixture of the improvisational fearlessness of jazz, the bombastic energy of rock, and the sonic exploration of 20th century classical and electronic music.

These live performances have a strong, large-scale formal structure from beginning to end. It’s a complete listening experience, an improvised symphony. The idea has been to create music that is interesting at any given moment, but is constantly developing as if it has a structural life all its own….

Music Videography

Adam Caine

Adam Caine played a set of improvised guitar music part of the Archer Spade Performance Series.
The performance took place in Studio 34 in Philly.
Adam’s projects include The Moon, The Adam Caine Trio, and solo guitar.
His solo guitar music is entirely improvised, drawing inspiration from classic jazz, contemporary classical, psych-rock, prog-rock, punk rock, shred guitar, shreds videos, music of the Toba people, and almost everything else.

Adam Caine at Archer Spade Performance Series