superlith, iron dog, james strong & paul christian

is the Philadelphia based experimental duo of: Trombonist Dan Blacksberg (who has performed with Anthony Braxton Quartet and Archer Spade with Nick Millevoi) and Casio keyboard modifier Julius Masri (Electric Simcha, Avant-rock band Lionshead, and the out-improv Keir Neuringer/Julius Masri Duo). Blacksberg works to push the trombone to its limits as an unlikely pair to… Continue reading superlith, iron dog, james strong & paul christian

Celebrating the Art & Life Of Peter Lanouette

Another angle of The hand, a piece by Peter Lanouette shown in the gallery in the shadow of "Peter"

Ben Clarkson has undertaken a project to revive the memory of his late friend, Peter Lanouette, through dedicating a gallery space in his Old Saybrook location. The following collection showcases only a small portion of the available master pieces dating back more than 35 years of the artist’s creation.