The Scranton Lace Company

Lace production equipment. The Scranton Lace Company. Scranton, PA

Once the largest producer of Nottingham Lace, The Scranton Lace Company was established in 1890 and remained in business until 2002 when the factory was shutdown mid-shift and abandoned shortly afterwards. In the pictures and video, you will see a teeny tiny part of the huge industrial complex including the only remaining loom, power house,… Continue reading The Scranton Lace Company

Fast forward…In Rhode Island…With A Ramble

Ashton Mills and Historic District. Blackstone River Bikeway. Cumberland, RI

This was a walk with “Walks & Rambles in RI” meetup group along the Blackstone River Bikeway. We started at the tourist information center on I295 and trekked our way towards Pratt Dam passing by Ashton Mill and historic district. The music played in this video clip is: 1- Ghost track by Daturah. 2- A… Continue reading Fast forward…In Rhode Island…With A Ramble

Out There In Exeter Sits Mount Tom

Mount Tom Trail in RI

A hike with Walks & Rambles meetup group in RI last Sunday ascending Mount Tom in a tiny bit of snow. Although there was quite a bit of rambling throughout the hike, you wouldn’t hear it because of the music which was included in Headphone Commute’s compilation for the best modern classical 2010(part 1). The… Continue reading Out There In Exeter Sits Mount Tom

An Infinite Luney Loop Is Running In The Sky

Full Moon As Seen from Essex, CT

This clip was shot on Old Saybrook’s causeway between 10PM & midnight yesterday as the moon nears its full size. The sky was cloudy and it looked like the moon was trying to navigate its way through the fluffs executing the same maneuver over and over again. This video was inspired by the music of… Continue reading An Infinite Luney Loop Is Running In The Sky

Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles

The Powell & Market tram featured in one of the Silent Camera videos: Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles. San Francisco, CA

This video shows a journey aboard one of San Francisco’s Cable Cars earlier this month while visiting the city. The route the tram(cable car) follows is Powell- Hyde’s. Then the camera walks along the streets of downtown San Francisco(close to Union Square) observing different things happening at the same time. All the music in this… Continue reading Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles

Master & Commander

The captain's cabin on HMS Surprise ship in San Diego Maritime museum. San Diego, CA. This is the ship where Master & Commander was filmed!

A walking tour around San Diego’s submarine museum looking at the different ships and the Russian Submarine moored there. Among the interesting ships is the HMS Surprise where Anthony Hopkins et al. made the famous movie, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World & of course B-39 stands as a reminder of the… Continue reading Master & Commander

Manhattan Of Trees

Manhattan Of Trees

This is the first in a series of posts with pictures & videos captured in many parts of California earlier this month while my long time friends, Bilal & Ahmed, were visiting the States. We started in San Francisco, headed North on US 101 towards Redwoods national park immersing in the beauty of the scenes… Continue reading Manhattan Of Trees