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Respect Your Elders: Bavarian Beauty

In Germany they say Bey Em Vey. And they get out of the way…

The Driver’s Car

The Ultimate Tanning Machine

Vive la différence

Bavarian Cream

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A Walk With Adobe Titans

Adobe started a new meetup group in the Big Apple and they organized a photo walk last Saturday with Tom Hogarty and Bryan O’Neil Hughes. We wondered around 22nd Street dropping by the High line park before heading back to Fotocare to listen to what magical things Adobe CS5 and Lighroom 3 had to offer. I have to say they sound promising.


A Shark story

And here is another piece I wrote on the e63(6 series),in 2005 it was haled as the revival of the loved six(e24) which had been out of production for decades.

High in the sky Deep in the ocean or maybe somewhere in between. I saw a silver shark standing alone.
First, I thought it was taking a dose of the sun’s burning gleam.
But a minute later I found out that I was wrong

As it was staring at me in a way too odd
"Guess how it would feel being in my boots
  One minute I’m that subtle shark
  No one even dares to look straight to my eyes
  Then, at a touch of a button everything will change"
‘But how?’ I amazingly replied
The shark took a deep sigh & said                         
"Well, because this damn button transforms the shark to a mermaid & I wish it stopped that far
As Chris Bangle wasn’t completely satisfied until he saw me in nude topless mode
He then screamed:
‘That’s it; here is the babe to invade streets’
20 years ago when my ancestors ruled this world there has been nothing quite like that.
It is not I hate to seduce but I’m afraid that others will imitate.
Besides, seduction alone won’t satisfy my hungry appetite
All these years we, sharks, have survived on ambitious not topless dreams"
I couldn’t take it any more so I cried:
‘You shouldn’t give up     you are still the shark
  No on will ever dare      to fight you
As every one knows   other sharks will fight back
You shan’t lose confidence you are still many people’s symbol.
These days it hurts much more to be defeated by a shark disguised in a mermaid’s robe.
Go on dive deep Show them you still got that heart’
It was a minute or two until I saw a thunder cutting its way through the streets & guess what…            
That thunder was not but a sexy topless shark.


Between Thou and Me!

I wrote this piece when BMW unveiled the e60 M5(2004). A monologue of sorts!

Hey you!
Yes….you the one who is staring at the screen right now….Look at me straight in the eye…What do you see?
Innocent angel eyes,right?
Wrong,those are the most devilish eyes in the world ever seen….Even more devilish is the powerplant heart.
This is a mammoth V10 engine with 5.0 liters of displacement capable of releasing 507 bhp when needed.My ancestor had to live with a V8 but I refused to be treated the same way.I’m the kind of machine that ain’t get beaten that easily.
Would you be needing an acceleration figure better than 4.7 secs to hit the first 100 kmh?
Go get yourself an F1 car with Michael Shumacher to drive it for you.
When cornering I can reach figures over 1 G( being the earth’s gravity force); add some heavy braking to it & we’ll be talking 1.3 G!!
This kind of performance requires a special nutrition therapy; Check this out:
How about 13 liters of oil to keep the 4 oil pumps running to ensure the oil gets where it should? Or how about 15 liters of coolant capacity in addition to double the quantity of air needed to cool the 545i?
How about a gearbox that houses 7 gear ratios known as SMGIII? This is BMW’s latest generation of SMG units although I’d still prefer o get around with my good old 6 speed manual unit.
Let’s get electronic now: Each one of my breed has three 32-bit processors capable of performing up to 200 million individual calculations a second managing my power plant alone.
MSN followers…sorry no format button here!
In my engine’s production life cycle that lasts 24 hours a  margin of tolerance equal to 1 thousand of millimeter is allowed(equal to 1 fifth of a human’s hair width!)…………..Oh my… am I accurately assembled or what!

Well, stop scratching your head & start digging deep in your pocket. You’ll need about 414.000 SR (110.000$) to take me home.
Hey ….do you hear me???? Where have you gone?
Come back here………………..What are running from?
Oh this is it……See you on the street in January 2005

I do not know where I got this picture from!

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Men are from Mars, Bimmers are from Munich

This is another piece I wrote in 2005, I used to drive an e30 at the time. I always had a loving memory of the second generation 3 series when I was a little kid. The dream came true when I graduated from college and I bought my first car…Needless to say the car wasn’t the best choice for Riyadh and it cost me a fortune before I finally decided it was about time to part with it and move to the states to go to grad school. I really long for the times I spent behind the wheel of Wad7a wandering in Riyadh, she will be always remembered, 2003-2006.

A couple of days ago I woke up at midnight on a loud scream followed by a deep weep & wail sound.
I rushed to the front door to take a look at the street.There stood my 16 year old ride pride (89 320i e30 bimmer) trembling & crying with a deep lake of premium oil forming from her tears.
A trip to my specialist next morning cost me a new air mass meter to stop the tremble & the tears were dried out!
" Hmmmm, Well………you should be more careful with your machine" said George my mechanic; " Those babes are sensitive at this age, you shouldn’t shock her like that"
"But I didn’t stress her at all. How could she be shocked?"
"Emotionally shocked I mean….She mentioned something about her younger & sexier sister: the new e90 3 series which will be born in a few months.. How you praised her the other day saying that you’ll get one & all that stuff….."
I nodded my head recalling that day when I read that article of the new e90.The author described it as a BIG LEAP forward from the e46 in almost every respect.
The R6 six cylinder engine, for instance, in the top of the range 330i model will be the first made by BMW from Magnesium saving an impressive 30% of weight compared to the current all aluminum alloy heart. Those six pots will produce a power figure equal to 258 prancing horses kicking the rear wheels to the 1st 100 kmh in an impressive 6.2 secs all the way to an electronically limited top speed of 250 kmh.
All this momentum will be transferred through a six speed automatic gearbox in the 330i.Though a six speed manual box will be the standard fit on the 320i & the 325i.
I guess an upgraded version of the current SMGIII on the M5 will be left for the upcoming M3 when she decides to kiss mama good bye & rollout to street.
A lot can be said about the exterior but I’d prefer to defer my final verdict until I see the whole thing in flesh rather in Compressed Jpeg pixels! But I can tell you from now it will be different….
On the inside though the new warrior will continue its dynasty’s reputation of combined sporty but luxurious atmosphere.
The conventional control buttons & knobs were replaced (on this model) with the iDrive variant already found in the mammoth 7 series. And as an option you can now forget about that chunky key to start the car as Comfort Access is the new player where it holds a transmitter & receiver allowing the pilot to hop in the cockpit & launch the beast with a push of the F1 style start\stop button!
Not only this, the transmitter will also recall the mirror,seats,climate control & radio settings made by the driver through his last journey to moon!
My ride is now ready to rock n roll again after George has given her his precious advice on Anger Management therapy.
I looked at her eyes & whispered: "Still mad at me?"
She raised her eyebrows silently.
On my way back an amazing 2002 black e46 M3 passes us by & I couldn’t stop my self yielding:" WOW,….That fellow there should be really proud…..What a babe "
All of a sudden, my exhaust blasted & a big roaring sound could be heard as the odometer reached a startling ultra sonic speed.
Jealousness sometimes is good… isn’t it??


Eyes Of The Angel

A couple of days ago                                                I was hanging out alone
Looking for a company                                             where no company is allowed
Out of the blue came a beauty                                utterly covered in black
The only thing uncovered                                        was her angle eyes
Believe me, Once I stared at them                          My heart fell on the ground
A moment of stint passed by                                   but I couldn’t hold it there
she ran away from me                                             Damn…She is so fast
Under her silky skin                                                 lies a scavenging beast
Finally she got tired                                                She pulled over beneath the ground
Under the faint light of the subway                        She quelled taking out her mask
Then it became clear                                               that I have been after the long awaited Miss World
Hence,I declined knowing                                       that I had no chance    
To even ask her out                                               as her master showed out from afar
So my friend,don’t let innocent eyes fool you         these days even eyes of the angel can attack



The Baby Bimmer

I wrote the following piece back in 2005 after BMW first announced the 1 series concept car to an astonished world. I thought I’d publish it here in the hope that I’ll revive that passion one more time!

‘A new baby is born’                                   was the news highlight of the day

I could not  imagine                                    that machos could breed

Until I saw the innocence                            in its angle looking eyes

Evil?                                                            Oh NO

Behemoth?                                                 Oh NO

Looking at the dynasty                              You may feel the difference

Smelling some thing fishy?                         go ahead blow out your nose

Eyes alone don’t give you vision                needed to see the beauty

"But,Why would a Genie break                  out from his bottle ?"

Maybe because the bottle                         has no climate control inside

Or maybe the time has come                     to prove something to the world:

"To Succeed where other                          masters have not is not a usual thing"

It is overwhelming to see                         the waited baby spreading wings to reach the sky

So buddy,Hold on your breath                 & tune in to Germany

It is only a few months until                    our Bavarian friends give birth to their uber-hatch

Don’t rush up your judgment                  Babies are God’s gift

To a world where babies….                     no longer cry