On The Move: Point Reyes National Seashore

Sunset on Limantour Beach. Point Reyes National Seashore, CA

The Point Reyes Peninsula has long baffled geologists. Why should the rocks of this craggy coast match rocks in the Tehachapi Mountains more than 310 miles to the south? The answer lies in plate tectonics and the continual motion of the Earth’s crust. Geologically, Point Reyes National Seashore is a park on the move. The… Continue reading On The Move: Point Reyes National Seashore

Land of Turmoil: Lava Beds National Monument

Bunchgrass Trail & Schonchin Butte, Lava Beds National Monument, CA

Lava flows from the Medicine Lake Volcano shaped the Lava Beds landscape, creating a wide range of habitats for a diverse, and sometimes surprising, array of flora and fauna

Manhattan Of Trees: Redwood National Park

Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail. Redwood National Park, CA

A hike through Redwood National and State Parks capturing images of Ah-Pah, Lady Bird Johnson, Prairie Creek and Trillium Falls trails

Born of Fire: Pinnacles National Park

Machete Ridge. Pinnacles National Park, CA

A hike through a couple trails in Pinnacles National Park capturing images of Balconies Cave, Balconies Cliffs and Machete Ridge

Morro Bay

The Watcher: A seagull staring at Morro Strand state beach. Morro Bay, CA

The last post for this Californian trip, this series of pictures was taken around Morro Bay while on our way to San Francisco. Hence, the itinerary was as follows: San Francisco –> Crescent City –> Yuba City –> Los Angeles –> Laguna Beach –> San Diego –> Las Vegas –> Santa Barbara –> Morro Bay… Continue reading Morro Bay

Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles

The Powell & Market tram featured in one of the Silent Camera videos: Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles. San Francisco, CA

This video shows a journey aboard one of San Francisco’s Cable Cars earlier this month while visiting the city. The route the tram(cable car) follows is Powell- Hyde’s. Then the camera walks along the streets of downtown San Francisco(close to Union Square) observing different things happening at the same time. All the music in this… Continue reading Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles

From San Francisco, with love

After nearly an hour of continuous procrastination, Ahmed needs a break & so does Bilal. Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco CA in the late PMs

This is a series of photos and videos taken on the streets on San Francisco earlier this month. You will see the bay, Golden Gate Bridge and the streets of Sausalito in the playlist below. And here are a few photos taken in various places around the city:

Reuniting with Old Friends in Stockton

From Right To Left: Bilal, Ghazwan, Ahmed & this guy at a BJ's near Ghazwan's campus. Stockton, CA

This was the last night before we came back to the North East. We had driven up to Stockton where Ghazwan lives now and had a blast! You could see that the images are not my work. Couldn’t you, my friends?

Master & Commander

The captain's cabin on HMS Surprise ship in San Diego Maritime museum. San Diego, CA. This is the ship where Master & Commander was filmed!

A walking tour around San Diego’s submarine museum looking at the different ships and the Russian Submarine moored there. Among the interesting ships is the HMS Surprise where Anthony Hopkins et al. made the famous movie, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World & of course B-39 stands as a reminder of the… Continue reading Master & Commander