welcome to the asylum

the old clock factory on 61 East Main Street in Bristol, CT now houses many art collectives. Initially instigated by Lindsay Vigue photography studio, artists are now abound in the dilapidated historic building. In this clip, you will see Lindsay Vigue, Chris DuFour, the undefined poet and a bunch of the peeps in the Aesthetic… Continue reading welcome to the asylum

Satan’s Kingdom

Satan's Kingdom

Satan’s Kingdom is a state park in the Northern part of Connecticut(New Hartford). This was a hike with Connecticut Active Singles meetup group where we walked the trails in the state park for a couple hours. Towards the end you will see the trail following the edge of Farmington river which had a couple challenging… Continue reading Satan’s Kingdom

Broadcloth & Prehistoric Horse At John Slade Ely House

Broadcloth trio performed at John Slade Ely House in New Haven, CT last Friday with a set of their improvised music. Broadcloth trio is: Anne Rhodes, vocals Nathan Bontrager, Cello & Adam Matlock, accordion They played 4 pieces of their music Con Ahinco In Stitches Sharpie Suite Folk Song The entire performance may be watched… Continue reading Broadcloth & Prehistoric Horse At John Slade Ely House

All Hands on Deck

"Without Art, there would be no understanding of Beauty, & without Beauty there would be no understanding of Life" Peter Lanouette

It is official! The opening reception for Peter Lanouette’s gallery is June 11th 2011 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm If you wish, you may RSVP to the facebook event for updates. The following album shows the card that will go out in the mail once Clarice gets her act together and prints it! The front… Continue reading All Hands on Deck

Celebrating the Art & Life Of Peter Lanouette

Another angle of The hand, a piece by Peter Lanouette shown in the gallery in the shadow of "Peter"

Ben Clarkson has undertaken a project to revive the memory of his late friend, Peter Lanouette, through dedicating a gallery space in his Old Saybrook location. The following collection showcases only a small portion of the available master pieces dating back more than 35 years of the artist’s creation.

Fall I Will Follow In Granby, CT

A low angle shot of the rocks and the falls near the top. Enders Falls Granby, CT

This was an outing with New England Oddities group to explore Enders Falls along Barkhamstead Road in Granby, CT. The falls aren’t anywhere near big but they offer an interesting landscape along a 1/4 mile stretch of the river with 5 layers of water falls in total.

Shadows’ Journey In…. Timbuckhilltoo

A tree branch seen along Ken Weber's 28 hike trails. Buck Hill Management Area. Burrillville, Rhode Island

This was a hike/walk with "Walks & Rambles In RI" meetup group. We visited the area known as Buck Hill Management Area in the northwestern corner of RI. The trails used to be old wagon roads used for commuting and are now the paths that walk the visitor through a few ponds, grain fields and… Continue reading Shadows’ Journey In…. Timbuckhilltoo


Lindsay Vigue Studio at the Old Clock Factory in Bristol, CT

Lindsay Vigue’s Studio night on January 28th 2011 in the old clock factory where people head from all over Connecticut to do what they do best: take pictures. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a chess match under waves of camera flashes and good old music! Music played in this clip is: Meanwhile, back in… Continue reading checkmate