Asimina Chremos + Jack Wright

Asimina Chremos + Jack Wright

Asimina Chremos is a dance and crochet artist currently based in Philadelphia, PA

Jack Wright, described twenty years ago as an “undergrounder by design”, has been a saxophone improviser traveling through the US and Europe since the early 80s in search of interesting partners and playing situations.

Destroy// Philly

Destroy Philly by Leyya Mona Tawil

Can a dance be destroyed?
Dance artist Leyya Tawil answers the question in a piece titled: Destroy.

The performance took place at Mascher Space in Philadelphia, PA.

Devin Hoff (bass)
Julius Masri (drums)
Nick Millevoi (guitar)

Kate Abernethy
Gregory Holt
Barbara Tait
Antonia Z Brown
Willa Brown
Shannon Murphy
Sophie Malin
Leyya Mona Tawil