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The Butterfly Effect

This was an escape from the harsh winter surrounding New England into a tropical island located in SouthDeerfield, MA. New England Oddities organized a visit to Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory for a photoshoot.

Remember what Dr. Lecter says in the movie: Silence Of the lambs?

Fly fly fly, Clarice… fly fly fly fly


A Moment In Time

At 11:00 AM EST Sunday, shutterbugs around the globe were asked to capture their moment and share it with NYTimes photo blog where the editors wanted to build a collage of photos from different parts of the world.

I ended up submitting the picture appearing first in this post.

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The Sky Was Glorious For A Moment, Central Park

Last Sunday we had an unusually blue sky all over the place. It looked especially dramatic around the reservoir of Central Park.

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Mimi’s Sacred Garden

This is how my aunt’s garden looked like last Sunday. Suffice it to say she puts huge effort into the garden and the results are worth the while.


Spring in New England, Essex Edition

Finally it is spring… As seen in my town!

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Lenses N Roses

I was amazed On Friday when I drove up to Hartford to join the members of the Mid Connecticut photography meetup group in Elizabeth park. The sun was out, the sky clear and people were invading the park holding hands, smiling and cherishing the weather turnout on that afternoon after a week of uninterrupted rain.

We had our guns(cameras) ready and I managed to capture part of the beauty of that day using my Cybershot DSC-H50 with Sony’s Wide Conversion lens…Here it goes: