Walking Down The Memory Lane

Green Leaf with Other leaves leaving their shadows. Seen on Tunxis Trail in Barkhamsted, CT

This was a hike(or walk in the woods) with the Hartford Area Hiking Meetup group. The trail we took is called "Indian Council Caves Trail" and is located in Barkhamsted, CT. It got its name because of its glacier boulders(towards the end of the video clip) with cave-like pockets. Many native american artifacts have been… Continue reading Walking Down The Memory Lane

Kent Falls State Park

Kent Falls closeup

The Hartford Area Hiking meetup group took it to Kent Falls yesterday with Larry leading. This was one of the easy hikes with many scenic views of Kent Falls State Park. We made a few stops along the red trail and Larry shared his information on the plants and history of the area(can be seen… Continue reading Kent Falls State Park