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Satan’s Kingdom

Satan’s Kingdom is a state park in the Northern part of Connecticut(New Hartford). This was a hike with Connecticut Active Singles meetup group where we walked the trails in the state park for a couple hours. Towards the end you will see the trail following the edge of Farmington river which had a couple challenging spots.

All the music on this video clip was obtained from and features the following pieces:

schizophrenic birth, by the. e n.d
brahmans son, by the. e n.d
god rest ye merry gentlemen, by chance’s end
meteoric ice pie menace, by Nick Didkovsky
dance of the kicius, by Zeelab
cancan, by the. e n.d


A hike in Satan’s Kingdom New Hartford, CT with Connecticut Active Singles meetup group. You will see footage from the trails along Farmington River.
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A Sandy Neck In Cape Cod

Sandy Neck is a natural recreation and preservation space located on the southern side of Cape Cod Bay in the town of Barnstable in the state of Massachusetts. It has many trails that wind through a vast marsh housing many nesting areas for Ospreys and other local birds. Moreover, sand dunes separate the beach from the marsh in a unique composition of plantation, climate and scenery.

The video was taken mainly on the beach and trails 1 and 2. It features the following music pieces:

January by Marcel Pequel

February by Marcel Pequel

Past Has Not Passed by James Blackshaw

March by Marcel Pequel

April by Marcel Pequel

May by Marcel Pequel

The Cloud Of Unknowing by James Blackshaw

June by Marcel Pequel

July by Marcel Pequel

August by Marcel Pequel

September by Marcel Pequel

Cross by James Blackshaw

Hiking meetup Nature Parks photography Videography Walking

Shadows’ Journey In…. Timbuckhilltoo

This was a hike/walk with "Walks & Rambles In RI" meetup group.

We visited the area known as Buck Hill Management Area in the northwestern corner of RI. The trails used to be old wagon roads used for commuting and are now the paths that walk the visitor through a few ponds, grain fields and the remains of the original settlement houses(you could see a chimney, fence,..etc in the video).
We also passed by the tri-state marker that shows where Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut meet in the area.
According to the organizer, we followed Ken Weber’s 28th hike trails from his "Weekend Hikes in Rhode Island" book.

The music played in the video clip is:

1- At First It Was Chaos… by Anam Fior

2- Anam Fior by Anam Fior:

3- Our Great War’s a spiritual war, our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been… by Anam Fior.

4- Fecunda by Emanuele Errante
This track appears on The Silent Ballet Volume 9

5- Two Halves Of A Line by Last Days:
which also appears on The Silent Ballet Volume 6

Please support the musicians by buying their music.

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Fast forward…In Rhode Island…With A Ramble

This was a walk with "Walks & Rambles in RI" meetup group along the Blackstone River Bikeway. We started at the tourist information center on I295 and trekked our way towards Pratt Dam passing by Ashton Mill and historic district.

The music played in this video clip is:

1- Ghost track by Daturah.

2- A Summer Without You by DestroyAllDreamers.

3- To Make a Portrait by Message to Bears.

4- ScrewDriver by Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles.

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Out There In Exeter Sits Mount Tom

A hike with Walks & Rambles meetup group in RI last Sunday ascending Mount Tom in a tiny bit of snow.
Although there was quite a bit of rambling throughout the hike, you wouldn’t hear it because of the music which was included in Headphone Commute’s compilation for the best modern classical 2010(part 1).
The following tracks are played in order:

Rafael Anton Irisarri – Für Alina on Reverie [Immune, 2010]
Richard Skelton – Of The Last Generation on Landings [Type, 2010, Reissue]
Nest – Far From Land on Retold [Serein, 2010]
Max Richter – Infra 5 on Infra [130701 / FatCat, 2010]
Peter Gregson – Flight Path on Terminal [Mute Song, 2010]
Hildur Guðnadóttir – Casting on Mount A [Touch, 2010, Reissue]

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Memento… Freja Park

This was a hike with Charlie’s angels,err Active Singles, group and took place yesterday on a gray day in Freja park around Bolton, CT. The footage has been reversed after I decided to use music composed by Bosques de mi Mente which is characterized by his dreamy piano landscapes & static noise.


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My Heart Is In The Highlands

Inspired by the adaptation of Robert Burns’ song for organ by Arvo Part, this was a hike to Mount Taurus on the Hudson river Valley with a hiking meetup group last Sunday in the early AM. The video clip was shot along Metro North Hudson Line and the photos were taken around the white and yellow trails.


Hiking meetup Parks photography Videography Walking

Walking Down The Memory Lane

This was a hike(or walk in the woods) with the Hartford Area Hiking Meetup group. The trail we took is called "Indian Council Caves Trail" and is located in Barkhamsted, CT. It got its name because of its glacier boulders(towards the end of the video clip) with cave-like pockets. Many native american artifacts have been found around the area but it is debated if it was used for council meetings. Most of the pictures show the typical New England Summer where green is the color of the day.


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West Rock Ridge State Park

This was a hike with New Haven Hikers. We walked around the state park and enjoyed the views from the Ridge before descending towards Lake Wintergreen and heading back.

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End of Day 2: Taking the Hill by surprise!

I planned to join the Signal Hill Hiking Club on the evening of day 2 but ran late and missed the group. Signal Hill reminded me of some allies in Damascus where my grand parents lived and had a nice view of the entire city.  Unlike Damascus, the Long Beach version had a ton of oil rigs(even between the houses) which explains the statues of two oil workers captured in many photos!