i’m with joo won @ fidget

i am with joo won at fidget

The experimental, free, electro-acoustic Trio performed at  fidget performance space in Philadelphia, PA. Bonnie Kane: sax, flute, electronics Flandrew Fleisenberg: drums Joo Won Park: electronics, toys

i’m with joo won

i'm with joo won

The trio is: Bonnie Kane, on saxophone, has always "sought the magic of the moment, bringing her Fresh Sound Guarantee to every performance. Her dedication to improvisation was influenced by an unusually early and continuous exposure to Sun Ra." Flandrew Fleisenberg plays percussion on an assortment of everyday ephemera and modified drum parts that he… Continue reading i’m with joo won

Philadelphia’s Hack 2.0

Philadelphia's Hack 2.0 at bahdeebahdu art space

An overview of Philadelphia’s Hack 2.0 event at bahdeebahdu art space. HACK 2.0 is a technology based design and art exhibition featuring hackers, artists, and designers from Philadelphia and beyond. This video shows a glimpse of Joo Won Park’s performance as well as other happenings.   Joo Won Park et al at Philadelphia’s Hack 2.0

Julius Masri and Joo Won Park

Julius Masri and Joo Won Park

Performed a set of their music/noise using drums(Masri) and homegrown electronics(Masri and Park). Their performance was part of the Archer Spade Performance Series in Philadelphia, PA. While Masri mainly performs with drums and a circuit modified keyboard, Park performs with toys, kitchenware, vegetables, umbrellas and other objects. Julius Masri and Joo Won Park at Studio… Continue reading Julius Masri and Joo Won Park