Der Beste Von Deutschland

Der erfolgreiche deutsche Sportwagen: 1937 BMW 328. Der Beste Von Deutschland Demo Day. Simeone Museum. Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Simeone discussed how Germany always produces at least one great race car every decade. The National favorites from the 1920s, 1930s, 1950s, and 1970s were featured in this Demo Day Event. They were all great international winners of their time. 1927 Mercedes Benz S-Type Sportwagen, the brainchild of Ferdinand Porsche while he was working… Continue reading Der Beste Von Deutschland

La meccanica delle emozioni: Alfa Romeo

1925 Alfa Romeo RLSS driven by Kevin Kelly. Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum. Philadelphia, PA

Perhaps the greatest and most successful sports racing cars of all time were made by Alfa Romeo, particularly if one takes history back to the 1920s: 1925 Alfa Romeo RLSS:These cars became popular luxury sporting models for individuals like Benito Mussolini who indicated that his car had a “magnificent engine” and the Aga Kahn said… Continue reading La meccanica delle emozioni: Alfa Romeo