A Big March on The Sound

Fluffy clouds march east towards Long Island Sound passing over City Island, NY where the camera was set. The video was captured on Black Friday between noon and sunset and was later sped up to get the time-lapse effect.

The music is by New York musician, Lattice from the album titled:
Songs in the Key of Glass.The tracks are(in the order they are heard on the video):
Movement 3

This video has been inspired by a track called: The Sky Was Glorious For A Moment by DestroyAllDreamers.

It was used on another video last year:



A few photos around different parts of Old Saybrook before and after a fast paced thunder storm rushed through the area.

Parks photography

The Bronx is NOT Burning!

Last Sunday, the sun was out, the beach crowded, the leaves hanging to the trees still…

The gulls were roaming the skies happily and everybody enjoyed the 70+ degrees(F) weather in NY..

Here is to more sunny days in the Bronx!