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La Familia

Gramma + 2 Aunts + Cousin = ?

See the pictures and the video for an answer…

Part 1(Setti , Khalati and bent Khalti):

Part 2(Khalti and Bentha):

Here is a video titled: Syrian Lunch Dance No 5 In G Minor…

Gathering Videography

The Chronicles Of A & B In The Big Apple

Two of my best friends visited the states in the past two weeks. This is a group of photos showing different places we stopped by while walking Manhattan with Ali Safarjalani(The Godfather!).

Music photography

The Big Bang…On A Can

Bang On A Can Marathon took place in The World Financial Center this year with music flowing non-stop for more than 12 hours defying all borders between genres and really making it hard for music lovers to take a break.  Every time a new group emerged on the stage, we got swept away and taken by their ingenuity and brilliance.

The photos show the following performers in the event. I only stayed for 10 hours and took a few walks to stretch my legs!

Slagwerk Den Haag
JACK Quartet
Talea Ensemble
Moritz Eggert
Vernon Reid, Mazz Swift, and Leon Gruenbaum
Mira Calix
Tim Brady

And of course:Bang on a Can All-Stars

Can’t wait for the next Big Bang…On A Can!

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East Side Story: Roosevelt Island

This was a walk around Roosevelt Island on February 27th. We were supposed to go there as a photography group but the Big Apple got hit with a snow storm and the organizer postponed the outing. The walk started on 59th street riding the tram, ascending to the tramway and landing in the island. I then took West Road south and then north. Sadly, the smallpox hospital was fenced and out of reach!

However, I got to the Chapel, the lighthouse and saw some sculptures of E pluribus unum in the middle of the island on the west side.




It is Christmas again!

A few frames taken in Manhattan last weekend as the city is decorated for Christmas and cold wind roams the streets. Here is to another year of happiness.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


The High Line

A failed subway project in downtown Manhattan on the west side has been converted to a public urban park. This was Black Friday last week. Hence, the images may be a little dark 😉