La Familia

Le Miserables. Lili and Daniel, teasing. Harlem Yacht Club. NY

Gramma + 2 Aunts + Cousin = ? See the pictures and the video for an answer… Part 1(Setti , Khalati and bent Khalti): Part 2(Khalti and Bentha): Here is a video titled: Syrian Lunch Dance No 5 In G Minor (turn sound on for full effect)

The Big Bang…On A Can

Bang On A Can Marathon took place in The World Financial Center this year with music flowing non-stop for more than 12 hours defying all borders between genres and really making it hard for music lovers to take a break.  Every time a new group emerged on the stage, we got swept away and taken… Continue reading The Big Bang…On A Can

East Side Story: Roosevelt Island

This was a walk around Roosevelt Island on February 27th. We were supposed to go there as a photography group but the Big Apple got hit with a snow storm and the organizer postponed the outing. The walk started on 59th street riding the tram, ascending to the tramway and landing in the island. I… Continue reading East Side Story: Roosevelt Island