Beam splitter = Audrey Chen + Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø

Audrey Chen + Henrik Notstebo

AUDREY CHEN is a Chinese-American musician who was born into a family of material scientists, doctors and engineers, outside of Chicago in 1976. Parting ways with the family convention, she turned to the cello at age 8 and voice at 11. After years of classical and conservatory training in both instruments, with a resulting specialization… Continue reading Beam splitter = Audrey Chen + Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø

flunk = flandrew fleisenberg + lou bunk

flunk = flandrew fleisenberg + lou bunk

Gordon Marshall once said: Marcel Duchamp: funny phony. flandrew fleisenberg: Einstein of drums. fleisenberg is a player of objects. Drums only fall peripherally into his spectrum, while he is mostly fascinated in coaxing out the inherent material characters of “mundane things”. These wide manipulations of external implements draw an aural architecture within the performance space… Continue reading flunk = flandrew fleisenberg + lou bunk

Respect Your Elders: Bavarian Beauty

1972 BMW 2002 tii at Larz Anderson Auto Museum. Brookline, MA

In Germany they say Bey Em Vey. And they get out of the way… The Driver’s Car The Ultimate Tanning Machine Vive la différence Bavarian Cream

In Memoriam: Lou Cohen & John Cage

Variations III By John Cage

Seven2 is one of Cage’s late numbers’ pieces scored for bass flute, bass clarinet, bass trombone, unspecified percussion, cello and contrabass. In the scores for the number pieces, Cage used time bracketed short fragments to create parts which emerge in and out of silence and the overall tapestry of the ensemble. Variations III, another of… Continue reading In Memoriam: Lou Cohen & John Cage

Inuksuit Boston Premier at Arnold Arboretum

Inuksuit Boston Premier

Composed by Pulitzer Prize winner John Luther Adams and performed in major cities around the globe, Inuksuit’s Boston Premier featured 90 New England-based percussionists dispersed throughout the conifer collection of the Arnold Arboretum. Inuksuit is deeply influenced by John Luther Adams’ belief that music can contribute to the awakening of our ecological understanding. Kadence Arts… Continue reading Inuksuit Boston Premier at Arnold Arboretum

The Real McCoy

Chevrolet Corvette C2 Sting Ray at Larz Anderson Auto Museum. Brookline, MA

If you’ve wanted a Vette since you were a kid, you’ve waited long enough Forecast Of A New Era In American Sports Cars The Real McCoy Wolf in wolf’s clothing Aficionados are made, not born Some things in life are memorable. Others are unforgettable The average dream lasts 6.6 minutes. This isn’t your average dream… Continue reading The Real McCoy

Christos Koulendro[u]s

Christos Koulendrous = Christos Koulendros

Christos Koulendros is a sound sculptor from Lowell Massachusetts and the island of Cyprus, engaged in a life long struggle to unlearn the propaganda of academic study as a means to spiritual freedom. He studied both western and eastern styles with amazing and illuminated teachers, then abandoned writing for the sake of building a One… Continue reading Christos Koulendro[u]s