A Sandy Neck In Cape Cod

A piece of wood is facing the sun and the clouds behind it are engulfing a light blue sky. Sandy Neck Sand Dunes. Cape Cod, MA

Sandy Neck is a natural recreation and preservation space located on the southern side of Cape Cod Bay in the town of Barnstable in the state of Massachusetts. It has many trails that wind through a vast marsh housing many nesting areas for Ospreys and other local birds. Moreover, sand dunes separate the beach from… Continue reading A Sandy Neck In Cape Cod

Shadows’ Journey In…. Timbuckhilltoo

A tree branch seen along Ken Weber's 28 hike trails. Buck Hill Management Area. Burrillville, Rhode Island

This was a hike/walk with "Walks & Rambles In RI" meetup group. We visited the area known as Buck Hill Management Area in the northwestern corner of RI. The trails used to be old wagon roads used for commuting and are now the paths that walk the visitor through a few ponds, grain fields and… Continue reading Shadows’ Journey In…. Timbuckhilltoo

The Butterfly Effect

Yes, you with the camera.. shu shu

This was an escape from the harsh winter surrounding New England into a tropical island located in SouthDeerfield, MA. New England Oddities organized a visit to Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory for a photoshoot. Remember what Dr. Lecter says in the movie: Silence Of the lambs? Fly fly fly, Clarice… fly fly fly..fly fly fly

The Real Witches Of Salem, MA

The Real Witches Of Salem, MA from TheSilentCamera on Vimeo. A walk around the streets of Salem, MA on Halloween 2010. Music: Igneous Lips by 1000 Funerals from the album “Portrait Of A Dream” The Loss Of Innocence by Pantheist from the album “Journey Through Lands Unknown” Pictures from last year maybe seen by clicking… Continue reading The Real Witches Of Salem, MA

Animal Hospital

performed live on Saturday September 4th with unFact and Noveller in  Boston’s Spectacle in Chinatown. His music starts with a simple tone that evolves and mutates to become a live orchestra of sounds. Animal Hospital is the solo musical project for sound engineer and electronics geek Kevin Micka & has been around since 2004.  


was the second performer at Boston’s Spectacle last Saturday and performed a set of her ambient drone music using her guitar, violin bow and a bell among other things. Noveller is based in Brooklyn, NY and is now preparing a new CD for release. Check out her last.fm page for details.


played a set of his songs for the crowds at Spectacle in Boston last Saturday. The performance may be watched on the following YouTube playlist in the order the pieces were played. I think the first video clip includes variations from the tracks: Valentine &  Our Friend The Atom. unFact,the solo bass guitar project of… Continue reading unFact

Quabbin Reservoir

An American Indian Chief called King Quabbin lived in this area centuries ago. The word Quabbin means “Many Waters”. Located in New Salem, Massachusetts,Quabbin Reservoir is one of the largest man made public water supplies in the United States. It was flooded in the late 1930s after 4 towns in the valley of the river… Continue reading Quabbin Reservoir

Ice, Dams and Trees: What I saw around Smith College and its Botanic Garden

On Saturday, I joined New England Oddities in their voyage towards Northampton, MA to visit The Botanic Garden at Smith College. I managed to capture some still photos inside and to film the surroundings around the garden. Outside, it was cold, cloudy and Black & White seemed the right choice to go for the video.… Continue reading Ice, Dams and Trees: What I saw around Smith College and its Botanic Garden

Ice Ice Baby

Ice Racing is quite popular in the North East. You can see ATVs, Dirt bikes & Sidehacks virtually wherever there is a frozen pond. This was a day on the track of Hamilton Rod & Gun Club in Sturbridge, MA. Warren from Mid-CT photography meetup group had posted the event on the message board and… Continue reading Ice Ice Baby