Little Berlin Presents: Jarrett Gilgore + Matt Engle + Michael Szekely

Jarrett Gilgore + Matt Engle + Michael Szekely

Jarrett Gilgore is just making his mark in the Philadelphia jazz scene. Originally from Philadelphia, Gilgore lives in Baltimore where he studied at the Peabody Conservatory. Down in Baltimore he can be seen performing with people like John Dierker, Will Redman, Anthony Pirog, and Dave Ballou. Matt Engle has been an active member of the… Continue reading Little Berlin Presents: Jarrett Gilgore + Matt Engle + Michael Szekely


Split Red

Split/Red is an art punk band from Philadelphia: Stephen Buono(guitar), Nebadon Adams(vocals), Matt Engle(bass), TC Owens(guitar), and Ricardo Lagomasino(drums) Serious Heft, their latest brain child, had just been released on New Atlantis Records. The video was captured during the record release show at Johnny Brenda’s. The five-piece ensemble combines the attitude of the Stooges with… Continue reading Split/Red

Perilous Architecture: Dan Blacksberg Trio

Perilous Architecture - Dan Blacksberg Trio

Ars Nova Workshop, in partnership with the Archer Spade Performance Series presented the record release show for Perilous Architecture: Dan Blacksberg Trio’s latest brain child. Dan Blacksberg, Trombone Matt Engle, Bass Mike Szekely, Drums In the Dan Blacksberg Trio, the innovative and genre-defying trombonist brings an expansive and creative new vision to the cutting-edge jazz… Continue reading Perilous Architecture: Dan Blacksberg Trio


Yapp! at Studio 34 In Philadelphia, PA

performed a set of their music at Studio 34 in Philadelphia, for the crowds of the Archer Spade Performance Series. Yapp! is: Alban Bailly, guitar Bryan Rogers, saxophone Matt Engle, bass and Dave Flaherty, drums

Transitional Objects

Transitional Objects

I have introduced the terms ‘transitional object’ and ‘transitional phenomena’ for designation of the intermediate area of experience,between the thumb and the teddy bear…between primary creative activity and projection of what has already been introjected. D.W. Winnicott Transitional Objects is: Matt Engle (Bass)Nick Millevoi (Guitar)andMike Szekely (Drums) The video is of their performance at Highwire… Continue reading Transitional Objects

Archer Spade: Dan Blacksberg Trio and Transitional Objects

Mike Szekely(drums) & Nick Millevoi(guitar) at Studio 34 part of Archer Spade Performance Series(Dan Blacksberg Trio and Transitional Objects). Philadelphia, PA

Archer Spade Performance Series presented an outstanding ensemble with musicians belonging to two groups:Dan Blacksberg Trio and Transitional Objects. The lineup included:Dan Blacksberg, tromboneMatt Engle, double bassNick Millevoi, guitarandMike Szekely, drums