Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles

The Powell & Market tram featured in one of the Silent Camera videos: Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles. San Francisco, CA

Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles from TheSilentCamera on Vimeo. This video shows a journey aboard one of San Francisco’s Cable Cars earlier this month while visiting the city. The route the tram(cable car) follows is Powell- Hyde’s. Then the camera walks along the streets of downtown San Francisco(close to Union Square) observing different things… Continue reading Riding/Walking Alone For Thousands Of Miles

From San Francisco, with love

After nearly an hour of continuous procrastination, Ahmed needs a break & so does Bilal. Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco CA in the late PMs

This is a series of photos and videos taken on the streets on San Francisco earlier this month. You will see the bay, Golden Gate Bridge and the streets of Sausalito in the playlist below. And here are a few photos taken in various places around the city:

Memento… Freja Park

This was a hike with Charlie’s angels,err Active Singles, group and took place yesterday on a gray day in Freja park around Bolton, CT. The footage has been reversed after I decided to use music composed by Bosques de mi Mente which is characterized by his dreamy piano landscapes & static noise.