Perilous Architecture: Dan Blacksberg Trio

Perilous Architecture - Dan Blacksberg Trio

Ars Nova Workshop, in partnership with the Archer Spade Performance Series presented the record release show for Perilous Architecture: Dan Blacksberg Trio’s latest brain child.

Dan Blacksberg, Trombone
Matt Engle, Bass
Mike Szekely, Drums

In the Dan Blacksberg Trio, the innovative and genre-defying trombonist brings an expansive and creative new vision to the cutting-edge jazz traditions of pioneers like Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, and Albert Ayler.
Blacksberg has penned a set of music that pushes at the technical and timbral limits of his instrument, opening up into far-reaching sounds worlds while maintaining a melodic rootsiness.

Backed up by the powerful rhythm of Matt Engle (Shot X Shot) on bass, and Mike Szekely (Anthony Braxton Quartet) on drums, the Trio creates a driving mixture of noise, chromatic lyricism, and everything in between…

Perilous Architecture is available in Vinyl through No Business Records.

Or digitally through Blacksberg’s Bandcamp page.

Transitional Objects

Transitional Objects

I have introduced the terms ‘transitional object’ and ‘transitional phenomena’ for designation of the intermediate area of experience,
between the thumb and the teddy bear…
between primary creative activity and projection of what has already been introjected.

D.W. Winnicott

Transitional Objects is:

Matt Engle (Bass)
Nick Millevoi (Guitar)
Mike Szekely (Drums)

The video is of their performance at Highwire Gallery in Philadelphia, PA

Transitional Objects at Highwire Gallery. Philadelphia, PA

I first saw Transitional Objects at Archer Spade’s Studio 34 in 2012.