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Quabbin Reservoir

An American Indian Chief called King Quabbin lived in this area centuries ago. The word Quabbin means “Many Waters”.

Located in New Salem, Massachusetts,Quabbin Reservoir is one of the largest man made public water supplies in the United States. It was flooded in the late 1930s after 4 towns in the valley of the river were relocated and their infrastructure dismantled, it is fed by three branches of the Swift River & seasonally by the Ware River. Now it is mainly used to supply public water to Boston and many towns and offers a limited range of recreational activities.

We headed there today with New England Oddities meetup group and saw a few turtles, a baby snake and a bear!

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Day 7: Oh! Great Pacific!

After Crestridge Ecological Reserve hike with San Diego’s hiking meetup group, I thought I’d give Torrey Pines state park a shot!

It was a little cloudy but nothing could deter me from filming or shooting the beauty of San Diego’s beach!

One of the pictures in this collection, Angry Birds, was selected by FWA Photo editors as Photo of the day, November 29th,2013



Hiking meetup National Parks Nature Parks photography Travel Videography

Day 11: BadWater Basin, Last moonrise of 2009

After hiking Golden Canyon, we hit Badwater for a few while the sun was still shining.

On our way back to Texas Springs Campground, the moon had started ascending the sky and was well worth ending the year with. 

Hiking meetup National Parks Nature Parks photography Travel Videography

Day 11: Golden Canyon: How Zabriskie Point, Gower Gulch & Red Cathedral looked on the last day of 2009

Golden Canyon is a short gorge that cuts into brightly colored sandstone rocks in many glowing shades of orange, gold and red, with the ever-present deep blue sky above making the hues seem especially sharp and intense. Once there was a paved road running up the whole length but this has long been disused and most sections have eroded away. According to the hike guide, the road eroded back in 1976 when a massive flood came along.

Hiking is the only option in the Canyon, and it is quite popular (we saw many groups with kids on the trails). The trail gains elevation as it reaches towards Red Cathedral(a group of high sandstone cliffs). We decided to take Zabriskie point trails to go through the multicolored rock formations(they looked like Chocolate layers). The path started by climbing an exposed slope of whitish sandy ground to a panoramic area where you could see the Red Cathedral, Furnace Creek and other canyons surrounding the area.

The last part of this trip(video 4) took us through Gower Gulch canyon, It starts very wide and narrows down gradually and becomes more rocky and steep as it descends. We passed through a number of tunnels, relics of Borax and calcite mining and crystals(I managed to film one of those tunnels as I was walking through it). The rocky section then ends with a drop and reaches the main valley. You could then follow the skirt of the hills overlooking the highway to go back to Golden Canyon’s trail head where the parking lot is located. All in all, this was one of the most spectacular hikes I have had so far.