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American Beauty

Chesterwood Vintage Motorcar Festival in Stockbridge, MA.

One of the pictures in this collection was selected by FWA Photo editors as Photo of the day, August 12th 2014

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the curious case of Becket Quarry

The video and pictures shown on this post were taken on the trails of Becket Quarry in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

the curious case of Becket Quarry, where did everyone go?

The trip starts on the trails leading to the Electrical Generator Shed(post #7) followed by Stiff Arm Derrick Site(post #8) before wandering for a while on Vista trail & Old Motion loop.

Afterwards, you will see Post #10(Motion),the hill leading to Post #12(Switch & portable compressor), posts # 13 & 14(Stiff Arm Derrick site) which overlook the quarry rim/pit. The quarry crane has been restored and may be seen against the blue skies. The camera then heads to Post #9(Railgrade to Motion) passing through the shed. Post #5 follows(two trucks even though one truck only appears on the video). The camera then pauses at Post #6(Guy Derrick Site).

Becket quarry was operational between 1860 & 1960 & was known as the Chester-Hudson Quarry. The interwebs says it had an essential role in building the town of Becket and many monuments in the country. The quarry was abandoned & the equipment left intact as if the workers went on a lunch break & never made it back afterwards.

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Destroyalldreamers, a summer without you

Destroyalldreamers, facultatives imaginaires, en robes et en eclats

Chris Zabriskie, prelude no.14

Chris Zabriskie, prelude no.7

Fabrizio Paterlini, autumn stories – week #3

Fabrizio Paterlini, autumn stories – week #4

Fabrizio paterlini, found letters

Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles, when we were young, when we were happy

Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles, a vagrant’s moonlit waltz on remsen Avenue

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Freeeeedom Trail

This was an outing with New England Oddities meetup group to walk the freedom trail in Boston, MA.

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The Mount: Edith Wharton’s Estate & Gardens

This was a visit to Edith Wharton’s house in Lenox, MA with New England Oddities to explore the architecture & the beauty of the place.

Edith Wharton was an influential American writer in the early 1900s.


Contentious Reality Studio Day! in Chickopee, MA

This was a meetup with New England Oddities in Chickopee, MA.

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Old Cars…. Grumpy Old Men…. Chesterwood Antique Automobile Show

This was an outing with New England Oddities to the auto show held at Chesterwood, the country home of Daniel Chester French best known for his Abraham Lincoln and the Minute Man sculptures.

The property includes his home, studio and gardens where the cars are shown. Many car enthusiasts showed up for the show and the makes ranged between 1900 and 1974.

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Fall I Will Follow In Granby, CT

This was an outing with New England Oddities group to explore Enders Falls along Barkhamstead Road in Granby, CT.

The falls aren’t anywhere near big but they offer an interesting landscape along a 1/4 mile stretch of the river with 5 layers of water falls in total.

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The Butterfly Effect

This was an escape from the harsh winter surrounding New England into a tropical island located in SouthDeerfield, MA. New England Oddities organized a visit to Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory for a photoshoot.

Remember what Dr. Lecter says in the movie: Silence Of the lambs?

Fly fly fly, Clarice… fly fly fly fly


The Real Witches Of Salem, MA

The Real Witches Of Salem, MA from TheSilentCamera on Vimeo.

A walk around the streets of Salem, MA on Halloween 2010.
Igneous Lips by 1000 Funerals
from the album “Portrait Of A Dream”

The Loss Of Innocence by Pantheist
from the album “Journey Through Lands Unknown”

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