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Vervet Dance presents: Boing! (preview)

Boing! is an exploration of bouncing and swirling, created as a fusion of music, dance, performance, and installation.

A kinesthetically playful and aurally rich experience, Boing! delivers child-like fun with sophisticated composition.

This work features an ensemble of crafty performers moving and sounding within thousands of ping-pong balls and an array of cooking pots, forming a stunning visual and sonic experience with “a satisfying cacophony of pings and pops. . . and delicious silence”, in the words of Beau Hancock from ThINKingDANCE.

Designed by Flandrew Fleisenberg and Loren Groenendaal. Performed by Sean Thomas Boyt, Fleisenberg, Groenendaal, Jenny Sawyer, Kelly Turner, and Elizabeth Weinstein.

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Ah ee oo eh oh: Id M Theft Able

Id M Thfft Able(AKA I’d M Theft Able) is an improvising vocalist/frictist/texturalist (amongst other things) from Portland, ME.

He has played at various festivals, bars, living rooms, bathrooms, beaches, galleries, book stores, mansions, basements, birthday parties, across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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Van Sutra

Van Sutra at Ortlieb’s

The Philadelphia based duo Played a set of their music for the crowds at Ortlieb’s!

Van Sutra is:

George Draguns(Guitar)


Julius Masri(Drums)

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*Shining Wizard*

*Shining Wizard* at Ortlieb’s

Played a set of their music for the crowds at Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia.

*Shining Wizard* is a noisy punk rock/free jazz duo from Montreal.

According to the band’s facebook page, the duo will play in any venue:

A satanist church,

A free jazz venue,

Some posh university library or a dive bar.

*Shining Wizard* is:

Alex Pelchat(guitar)


Farley Miller(drums)

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The Ricart/Millevoi Quartet Releases Haitian Rail LP at Ortlieb’s

Haitian Rail LP Release Show at Ortlieb’s

The Ricart/Millevoi Quartet released their Haitian Rail LP at Ortlieb’s in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia.

Ricart/Millevoi Quartet is:

Nick Millevoi (Guitar)
Edward Ricart (Bass)
Dan Blacksberg (Trombone)
Kevin Shea (Drums)

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Zachary Fairbrother

Zachary Fairbrother

Played a set of his Electric Guitar and vocals music for the crowds at Ortlieb’s in Northern Liberties.

Fairbrother is a member of the band Lantern and has written papers on Japanese Noise and Black Metal.