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Another entry in the Big Apple diaries

My day started early this past Saturday as I was behind the wheel just as the sun was rising to catch up with my photography meetup group in the city for a walk around Union Square, Washington Square park and the street fairs going on there. It was interesting to say the least…

As I was wondering around the street market, I heard a guy repeating the phrase: "Sheeshhh Kabaaab…" in a very authentic way… He turned out to be from Russia, his name is Sasha and his photos are in the collection!

Later on, I met with friends of mine for some Arabic conversation practice and hit Broadway North. On my way, I saw an immaculate version of Tin Tin’s Citroën Traction Avant and later bumped into the famous Naked cowboy in Times square.

Moreover, there was a couple having their wedding in a church just by the corner of Times square so I joined the masses and had a few pictures(they seemed to be hot shots but no one in the crowd had a clue who they were).

A Johnny Rockets late lunch and 1200 Calories later, my final destination in the city was Lincoln Plaza Cinema for Michael Moore’s latest motion picture Capitalism, a love story.

& that was it for yet another day in the big apple….