All Hands on Deck

"Without Art, there would be no understanding of Beauty, & without Beauty there would be no understanding of Life" Peter Lanouette

It is official! The opening reception for Peter Lanouette’s gallery is June 11th 2011 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm If you wish, you may RSVP to the facebook event for updates. The following album shows the card that will go out in the mail once Clarice gets her act together and prints it! The front… Continue reading All Hands on Deck

Celebrating the Art & Life Of Peter Lanouette

Another angle of The hand, a piece by Peter Lanouette shown in the gallery in the shadow of "Peter"

Ben Clarkson has undertaken a project to revive the memory of his late friend, Peter Lanouette, through dedicating a gallery space in his Old Saybrook location. The following collection showcases only a small portion of the available master pieces dating back more than 35 years of the artist’s creation.

An Infinite Luney Loop Is Running In The Sky

Full Moon As Seen from Essex, CT

This clip was shot on Old Saybrook’s causeway between 10PM & midnight yesterday as the moon nears its full size. The sky was cloudy and it looked like the moon was trying to navigate its way through the fluffs executing the same maneuver over and over again. This video was inspired by the music of… Continue reading An Infinite Luney Loop Is Running In The Sky

Tik Tok….Mr.Timer is on the block

Mr.Timer, a well behaved Basset Hound, decided to drop in for a visit to our office today. This wasn’t the first time this Hush Puppy visits us but it was probably his first posing adventure in front of a camera! In many of the shots, you will see Mr.Timer relaxing(does it a lot), holding his… Continue reading Tik Tok….Mr.Timer is on the block

The Clouds Summit(s)

Another week & another attempt at capturing the mundane & then trying to make it look more intriguing. The majority of the pictures in this album took place either as I was heading to work in the early AM or late in the day as I rushed out unleashing the shutter as fleets of clouds… Continue reading The Clouds Summit(s)

Luney, April edition

It is April’s full moon. It awakens the luney lying underneath one’s skin and unleashes the shutterbug. The photos in this post were taken in Old Saybrook’s causeway(Bridge street) a little before midnight yesterday. You’ll also see a few pictures taken in the AM hours around Ferry Road while some maintenance crews were cleaning up… Continue reading Luney, April edition