( The Cavemen ) أهل الكهف

The following has been originally published in June of 2010 in the notes’ section belonging to Syrian Poet Muhammed al-Maghut facebook page. It was inspired by his many pieces   أريد أن أسرد بعضاً من كلماتي التي تتأجج النيران في حروفها و تنتفض كلما أطل علينا الهلال كلماتي التي تبعثرت, تناثرت, تمزقت, عانت الذل و… Continue reading ( The Cavemen ) أهل الكهف

A Shark story

And here is another piece I wrote on the e63(6 series),in 2005 it was haled as the revival of the loved six(e24) which had been out of production for decades. High in the sky Deep in the ocean or maybe somewhere in between. I saw a silver shark standing alone. First, I thought it was… Continue reading A Shark story

Between Thou and Me!

I wrote this piece when BMW unveiled the e60 M5(2004). A monologue of sorts! Hey you! Yes….you the one who is staring at the screen right now….Look at me straight in the eye…What do you see? Innocent angel eyes,right? Wrong,those are the most devilish eyes in the world ever seen….Even more devilish is the powerplant… Continue reading Between Thou and Me!

Men are from Mars, Bimmers are from Munich

This is another piece I wrote in 2005, I used to drive an e30 at the time. I always had a loving memory of the second generation 3 series when I was a little kid. The dream came true when I graduated from college and I bought my first car…Needless to say the car wasn’t… Continue reading Men are from Mars, Bimmers are from Munich

Eyes Of The Angel

A couple of days ago                                                I was hanging out alone Looking for a company                                             where no company is allowed Out of the blue came a beauty                                utterly covered in black The only thing uncovered                                        was her angle eyes Believe me, Once I stared at them                          My heart fell on the ground A moment of stint… Continue reading Eyes Of The Angel

The Baby Bimmer

I wrote the following piece back in 2005 after BMW first announced the 1 series concept car to an astonished world. I thought I’d publish it here in the hope that I’ll revive that passion one more time! ‘A new baby is born’                                   was the news highlight of the day I could not  imagine                                    that… Continue reading The Baby Bimmer

سفينة نوح

صوت أنين خافت أسمعه من بعيد يعلو شيئاً فشيئأ أيعقل أن يكون أنين العدو الغاشم و هو يندثر مغادراً أرضنا؟ مثكلا بالجراح و متخماً بطعنات الحلوق و الحناجر… أم لعل الله قد سئم من طول المسرحية … و غير القناة الى برامج للكبار فقط؟ أعرابي يركض من أمامي… على رأسه عمامة و بيده مسبحة… يثب… Continue reading سفينة نوح