thisQuietArmy at Eris Temple Arts Philadelphia, PA thisQuietArmy is the experimental guitar-based project of Eric Quach from DestroyAllDreamers from Montreal, Canada. thisQuietArmy’s music is best described as improvised drone: He takes his sonic experimentations further by adding textural and structural elements of post-punk/shoegaze, krautrock/spacerock & black/doom metal to them. Furthermore, he uses hypnotic visuals… Continue reading thisQuietArmy

this earth is burning under her feet…centralia, pa

A collapsed section of PA Route 61. Centralia, Pennsylvania

centralia, pa is a ghost town in columbia county nestled between different coal mining towns. In 1962, fire had spread underneath the town through the town’s mining tunnels. A day trip with Delaware County Hikers and Adventurers to Centralia, PA.. a ghost town with only a few souvenirs from its past We were looking for… Continue reading this earth is burning under her feet…centralia, pa

Trees’ Striptease: Ridley Creek State Park

Ridley Creek State Park Newtown Square, PA

This was a hike with the Appalachian Mountain Club in Ridley Creek State Park in Newtown Square, PA. Trees’ Striptease: Ridley Creek State Park The music played in the clip is by Parallel Lines. The album is called: 38​:​22 The album has five movements(parts): Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V