Mary Lattimore and Jeff Zeigler

Mary Lattimore

Mary Lattimore and Jeff Zeigler played a mixture of harp/synth music. The best word to describe the music is: Hypnotic. Jeff Zeigler is a Philadelphia-based musician, engineer and producer, who, in addition to playing in the band Arc in Round, and in a synthesizer and harp duo with harpist Mary Lattimore, plays solo on a… Continue reading Mary Lattimore and Jeff Zeigler

Adam Caine

Adam Caine

Adam Caine played a set of improvised guitar music part of the Archer Spade Performance Series. The performance took place in Studio 34 in Philly. Adam’s projects include The Moon, The Adam Caine Trio, and solo guitar. His solo guitar music is entirely improvised, drawing inspiration from classic jazz, contemporary classical, psych-rock, prog-rock, punk rock,… Continue reading Adam Caine

Archer Spade: Dan Blacksberg Trio and Transitional Objects

Mike Szekely(drums) & Nick Millevoi(guitar) at Studio 34 part of Archer Spade Performance Series(Dan Blacksberg Trio and Transitional Objects). Philadelphia, PA

Archer Spade Performance Series presented an outstanding ensemble with musicians belonging to two groups: Dan Blacksberg Trio and Transitional Objects. The lineup included: Dan Blacksberg, trombone Matt Engle, double bass Nick Millevoi, guitar and Mike Szekely, drums

Philadelphia’s Scrapyard Beauties

The Two Freedoms: Freedom from want and Freedom From Fear..... N Front St & E Venango St Philadelphia, PA. FWA Photo of the day December 7, 2013

This was the second meetup with Fortress Of The Arts. The theme? Philadelphia’s Scrapyard Beauties.. One of the pictures in this collection, The Two Freedoms, was selected by FWA Photo editors as Photo of the day, December 7th 2013



  thisQuietArmy at Eris Temple Arts Philadelphia, PA thisQuietArmy is the experimental guitar-based project of Eric Quach from DestroyAllDreamers from Montreal, Canada. thisQuietArmy’s music is best described as improvised drone: He takes his sonic experimentations further by adding textural and structural elements of post-punk/shoegaze, krautrock/spacerock & black/doom metal to them. Furthermore, he uses hypnotic visuals… Continue reading thisQuietArmy

Fairmount Arts Crawl

Their Power Is To Sit Still. Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge, MA

the Silent Camera is pleased to share photographs(i.e. pictures in still motion) that will be on display at George Apotsos Gallery(2018 Fairmount Ave Philadelphia PA 19130) during Fairmount Arts Crawl 2012. As a reminder, The arts crawl will happen on Sunday, April 29 from 2-6PM. There will be a private reception on Saturday as well… Continue reading Fairmount Arts Crawl