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A meetup with the peeps of Hiking Around Philly in Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust.

The trust is located in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

Family photography


The chronicles of Soulafa Khanom in The Big Apple, Christmas 2012…

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A Sandy Neck In Cape Cod

Sandy Neck is a natural recreation and preservation space located on the southern side of Cape Cod Bay in the town of Barnstable in the state of Massachusetts. It has many trails that wind through a vast marsh housing many nesting areas for Ospreys and other local birds. Moreover, sand dunes separate the beach from the marsh in a unique composition of plantation, climate and scenery.

The video was taken mainly on the beach and trails 1 and 2. It features the following music pieces:

January by Marcel Pequel

February by Marcel Pequel

Past Has Not Passed by James Blackshaw

March by Marcel Pequel

April by Marcel Pequel

May by Marcel Pequel

The Cloud Of Unknowing by James Blackshaw

June by Marcel Pequel

July by Marcel Pequel

August by Marcel Pequel

September by Marcel Pequel

Cross by James Blackshaw



Lindsay Vigue’s Studio night on January 28th 2011 in the old clock factory where people head from all over Connecticut to do what they do best: take pictures. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a chess match under waves of camera flashes and good old music!

Music played in this clip is:
Meanwhile, back in communist Russia – Morning After Pill
Meanwhile, back in communist Russia – Fall Between The Walls
Godspeed You! Black Emperor-MotherF**** = redeemer part 1
The Sight Below – No Place For Us
Meanwhile, back in communist Russia – No Cigar
Godspeed You! Black Emperor-MotherF**** = redeemer part 2

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Quabbin Reservoir

An American Indian Chief called King Quabbin lived in this area centuries ago. The word Quabbin means “Many Waters”.

Located in New Salem, Massachusetts,Quabbin Reservoir is one of the largest man made public water supplies in the United States. It was flooded in the late 1930s after 4 towns in the valley of the river were relocated and their infrastructure dismantled, it is fed by three branches of the Swift River & seasonally by the Ware River. Now it is mainly used to supply public water to Boston and many towns and offers a limited range of recreational activities.

We headed there today with New England Oddities meetup group and saw a few turtles, a baby snake and a bear!

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Red Hook, Brooklyn

This was another Brooklyn expedition with NYC Photo Outings group last Saturday. We started at Smith and 9 street Subway Station(F & G) and roamed the streets of Red Hook. I managed to capture some video after the outing where the cloud formations were dramatic and quite fascinating.


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From Brooklyn, with Love!

It was sunny, somewhat cold last Saturday when we ascended back to the surface of Atlantic Ave. Regardless, I decided to take a walk around the Ave, Furman Street where some abandoned warehouses are located and then hit The Heights and crossed the bridge to Manhattan. All of the places seen on this walk are featured in a couple of video clips and you can also see some of the still photos taken.



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Day 3: Getty Center

Getty Center is a must visit destination for lovers of the art in Los Angeles. When I was there back in December, two of their exhibits were mandatory to visit(simply because they were photography related!):

In Focus: The worker &

Irving Penn: Small Trades

Irving Penn was known for his meticulous attention to details, what better to bring out this talent than to shoot workers in different trades in Paris, London and New York in their daily uniforms with their tools and posing as if they were doing the job?

The best photos of this collection belonged to coalmen from London and New York, fully dressed and covered(hands, faces..etc) with black in an indication to what they used to deal with on a daily basis. My bias may be based on the fact that my great great great great grand father was a coal man in Syria(my last name is translated to Coal Miner in Arabic after all)!

You can click on the link above to see some samples from the exhibit.

One more stop was their Migrations Of The Mind exhibit where they brought different manuscripts on the topics of biology, medicine & science in general.

The following photos were taken in the outdoors of the vast Getty center, you could see the Pacific ocean(check the sunset collection) from a distance!

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Day 1: Dusk in and around Fullerton, CA

Just warming up for the days ahead as I walked around Dody’s home for interesting views from Panorama Park as the sun prepared to go and the night crawled in slowly.

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Studio Nights, November 2009

I finally managed to edit the video clips I shot on Black Friday at Lindsay’s studio.

The YouTube series has 3 clips in total in different parts of the old clock factory where the studio is located.