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Dropped Pianos

Dropped Pianos at Bureau Brothers Foundry

The name, pictures and video were all inspired by Tim Hecker’s album: Dropped Pianos.

Music played in the video is by Kimiko Ishizaka:

The Open Goldberg Variations

Bureau Brothers Foundry was built in North Philadelphia in the 1870s and was one of premier art foundries in the States.


From Berlin To Brooklyn: Nils Frahm & Greg Haines in NY

Last Sunday marked the last day in the US tour for Berlin Pianist & composer Nils Frahm. Dumbo, Brooklyn was his last stop where he played a set of his solo piano works accompanied by Greg Haines, the English composer, in Galapagos art space.

This was the first US tour for the two composers after appearing in numerous performances across  Europe. Frahm’s music is minimalist, emotional and evocative while Haines’ is a blend of modern classical and ambient.

The evening started with New York based composer Kyle Bobby Dunn playing a set of his solo guitar ambient work accompanied by visual artworks.

The following pictures were taken during Dunn’s performance:

And the last two pieces he played may be watched on YouTube:


Kyle Bobby Dunn at Galapagos art space


Next, Nils Frahm took the stage and started his performance with his breathtaking piece: Said & Done. Towards the end, he was joined by Greg Haines on the piano:

from Berlin to Brooklyn: Nils Frahm at Galapagos art space

Finally, Greg Haines played a set of his electronic music accompanied by Nils Frahm towards the end:

from Berlin to Brooklyn: Greg Haines at Galapagos art space
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Memento… Freja Park

This was a hike with Charlie’s angels,err Active Singles, group and took place yesterday on a gray day in Freja park around Bolton, CT. The footage has been reversed after I decided to use music composed by Bosques de mi Mente which is characterized by his dreamy piano landscapes & static noise.