the curious case of Becket Quarry

Rusty wheels itching to roll again. Seen near Post #13(Stiff Arm Derrick Site). Becket Quarry, MA

The video and pictures shown on this post were taken on the trails of Becket Quarry in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

the curious case of Becket Quarry, where did everyone go?

The trip starts on the trails leading to the Electrical Generator Shed(post #7) followed by Stiff Arm Derrick Site(post #8) before wandering for a while on Vista trail & Old Motion loop.

Afterwards, you will see Post #10(Motion),the hill leading to Post #12(Switch & portable compressor), posts # 13 & 14(Stiff Arm Derrick site) which overlook the quarry rim/pit. The quarry crane has been restored and may be seen against the blue skies. The camera then heads to Post #9(Railgrade to Motion) passing through the shed. Post #5 follows(two trucks even though one truck only appears on the video). The camera then pauses at Post #6(Guy Derrick Site).

Becket quarry was operational between 1860 & 1960 & was known as the Chester-Hudson Quarry. The interwebs says it had an essential role in building the town of Becket and many monuments in the country. The quarry was abandoned & the equipment left intact as if the workers went on a lunch break & never made it back afterwards.

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