Solarists: Haitian Rail

Haitian Rail: Solarists

Avant-garde super-group Haitian Rail released Solarists, their second full-length album, on New Atlantis Reocrds. Solarists brashly charts the common spaces between creative noise rock and the jazz avant-garde, while shattering the restrictive barriers between them. Formerly dubbed Ricart/Millevoi Quartet, the new lineup features: Nick Millevoi,  Guitar Edward Ricart, Bass Dan Blacksberg, Trombone and Kevin Shea,… Continue reading Solarists: Haitian Rail

Quartets Without Borders

Shayna Dulberger, Julius Masri, Keir Neuringer and Simone Weissenfels

Fire Museum presents: Simone Weissenfels, piano (Leipzig, Germany) Shayna Dulberger, bass (NYC) Julius Masri, drums (Philadelphia) Keir Neuringer, reeds and Saxophone (Philadelphia) The quartet performed a set of improvisational music at The Rotunda, Philadelphia.