Split Red

Split/Red is an art punk band from Philadelphia: Stephen Buono(guitar), Nebadon Adams(vocals), Matt Engle(bass), TC Owens(guitar), and Ricardo Lagomasino(drums) Serious Heft, their latest brain child, had just been released on New Atlantis Records. The video was captured during the record release show at Johnny Brenda’s. The five-piece ensemble combines the attitude of the Stooges with… Continue reading Split/Red

Bop Kabbalah at The Little Shul

Bop Kabbalah

Ty Citerman’s band, Bop Kabbalah, released their debut CD at The Little Shul in South Philadelphia, PA. Guitarist and bandleader Ty Citterman says of the group: “The quartet is my newest project, and it’s my take on Jewish themed composition meets improvisation. The band plays far-reaching, kinetic, lyri­cal music that takes some of the language… Continue reading Bop Kabbalah at The Little Shul

The Moon = Adam Caine + Federico Ughi

The Moon = Adam Caine + Federico Ughi

The Moon is an experimental duo from Brooklyn New York, featuring Adam Caine on electric guitar and Federico Ughi on drums. All The Moon compositions are improvised with no pre-written lines, sections or forms, but the duo treats each of the songs as spontaneous compositions. The duo cultivates a uniquely personal mixture of the improvisational… Continue reading The Moon = Adam Caine + Federico Ughi

Les Rhinocéros


played a set of their music at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, PA. Les Rhinocéros at Johnny Brenda’s Les Rhinocéros is known for bending the rules with their music. Their pieces often contain elements of Rock, World Music, Noise, Ambient and Jazz.

Toshimaru Nakamura + Many Arms = Many Many Arms?

"Toshimaru Nakamura + Many Arms = Many Many Arms?

Toshimaru Nakamura and Many Arms play at AUX Performance Space in Philly Toshimaru Nakamura performed with Many Arms at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. Many Arms is: Nick Millevoi, Guitar John DeBlase, Electric Bass and Ricardo Lagomasino, Drums Nakamura is known for his no-input mixing board instrument while Many Arms’ music is characterized as… Continue reading Toshimaru Nakamura + Many Arms = Many Many Arms?

The Definition of Eargasm: Mono

The Illusion :Takaakira Taka Goto with Tamaki and Yoda at Daniel Street Club in Milford CT

Mono is a Japanese instrumental Rock quartet formed in 1999. Their current lineup includes: Takaakira Goto – lead guitar Yoda – rhythm guitar Tamaki Kunishi – bass guitar, guitar, piano, glockenspiel Yasunori Takada – drum kit, synthesizer, glockenspiel The photos were taken in Daniel Street Club in Milford, CT last Saturday where the band played… Continue reading The Definition of Eargasm: Mono