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A few shots in ’s gallery in Old Saybrook, CT.

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Celebrating the Art & Life Of Peter Lanouette

Ben Clarkson, AKA thee Benjamin Raspbell, has undertaken a project to revive the memory of his late friend, , through dedicating a gallery space in his Old Saybrook location.

The following collection showcases only a small portion of the available master pieces dating back more than 35 years of the artist’s creation.


An Infinite Luney Loop Is Running In The Sky

This clip was shot on Old Saybrook’s causeway between 10PM & midnight yesterday as the moon nears its full size.
The sky was cloudy and it looked like the moon was trying to navigate its way through the fluffs executing the same maneuver over and over again.
This video was inspired by the music of William Basinski especially the famous Disintegration Loops.
All music played in the clip is from The Silent Ballet Volume 16:
1- Kluwekracht IV by Bas Van Huizen
2- Shattering Surface by Acorn Falling
3- Marraskuu by Ous Mal

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Luney, April edition

It is April’s full moon. It awakens the luney lying underneath one’s skin and unleashes the shutterbug.

The photos in this post were taken in Old Saybrook’s causeway(Bridge street) a little before midnight yesterday. You’ll also see a few pictures taken in the AM hours around Ferry Road while some maintenance crews were cleaning up the docks of “Between the Bridges” marina.



A few photos around different parts of Old Saybrook before and after a fast paced thunder storm rushed through the area.

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Portraits Of A Seagull

This was on December 24th after a hike with a meetup group in Santee, CA.

I stopped by San Diego’s Shoreline park and tried to capture some of the wandering seagulls around trying my best to capture them in motion.

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All She Leaves Behind

All I ever wanted….

was to see her smile….

She arrives every morning with her little black case…

I spend hours of my day staring at her glow in the sky…

Until I can’t take it any more and I have to run away…

Tears running down my cheeks and my heart bursting in flames….

This can’t go on forever, I go back later in the day…

She already packed her robe in her case…

Prepared to leave my world, she says one word…

“Let me drown…

I am in the water…

You can’t save me…

Let me drown…

I am in the water…”

All of a sudden, my small town becomes the darkest of all places, filled with her ashes and debris…

And the moon comes out to sooth my sorrow…

I go back to the train platform to wait for her return…

Hope to see her the next morning is all she leaves behind….


In Mist we were standing

Today was an interesting day in that we had fog and sun intertwined around the Connecticut river. I grabbed my camera and started shooting around “Between the Bridges” marina:

As seen from my company's stairs!

Around 1:00 PM from the stairwell to my work on the second floor, the sun was shining and the mist stuck in the air, I 95 can be seen on the left


Many people are launching their boats these days


From the ground level




The blue cover on the right is the Back Porch restaurant, they just started their season for 2009


Amtrack’s bridge raised for a vessel, in a minute the whole scene will become gray as the sun withers away!


Closer to the edge of the water


An inland view towards the marina


Old Lyme as seen  through mist


A close up to the bridge


Looking North towards I 95 (Raymond E. Baldwin Bridge)


The mist intensifies, the sun starts to fade away and gray becomes the theme of the day


The nothingship!


Old Lyme is now barely visible with the telephoto!


While I was shooting on the other end of the marina, I heard this guy shouting: You are on the wrong side of the dock, come and watch my red tow boats!


Turns out this is TowBoatU.S. Long Island Sound


Like the red, yellow and gray colors!


The mist attack looking south


The mist attack looking north


Looking back to the land


A guy named Bob said I could climb up his cabin(he has a nice boat) and shoot from there, Thanks Bob!


The sun shines and the mist fades away, light Vs. darkness


A close up towards Amtrack bridge




These boats look like Ferraris compared to the other boats(maybe it is the red color!)


Travel Videography

Burning of the fleet in Essex Connecticut

The town of Essex (celebrates) every year the loss of its fleet by the British soldiers in April of 1814. Many accounts exist to how this took place but the common theme is that the Britons anchored in Old Saybrook and used launches to reach Essex through Connecticut river. They were detected by the lighthouse keeper but could not do anything as there were no American troops around.

The following videos and photos show the ceremony commemorating the raid and the day Essex suffered its biggest loss as it was a ship building town back in those days:

A useful source to count the details of that day may be found on Connecticut river museum’s website authored by J. Stuart Rankin, Jr.:

Here are some photos I took on that day: