Archer Spade Presents: Spectrum Ensemble at The Rotunda

Archer Spade Spectrum Ensemble

Featuring 24 of Philadelphia’s Outest Musicians, the brainchild of Dan Blacksberg and Nick Millevoi played a series of Sunday Matinee concerts in and around The City Of Brotherly Love. The ensemble featured musicians from the core Archer Spade(Dan Blacksberg, Nick Millevoi), Kud (Jesse Kudler), Van Sutra (Julius Masri and George Draguns), Sirius JuJu, Bender /… Continue reading Archer Spade Presents: Spectrum Ensemble at The Rotunda

Bowerbird presents: Keroaän = Ian M Fraser + Reed Evan Rosenberg


KEROAÄN is a collaborative research project between Ian M Fraser and Reed Evan Rosenberg exploring composition of electronic music by artificial intelligence. Pieces are diffused in real time with no human intervention whatsoever as the machine agent manipulates the qualities of chosen non-standard synthesis and microsound techniques. In live diffusions, the machine agent additionally controls… Continue reading Bowerbird presents: Keroaän = Ian M Fraser + Reed Evan Rosenberg

Bowerbird Presents: Either / OR Performing “For Philip Guston” By Morton Feldman

Bowerbird Presents Either OR Performing For Philip Guston By Morton Feldman

Bowerbird presented the NYC based ensemble Either / OR in their performance of “For Philip Guston”, Morton Feldman’s late period masterpiece for piano/celesta, flute, and percussion. Upon hearing this expansive 4+ hour work, noted music critic Alex Ross wrote, “What makes Guston fundamentally and wondrously beautiful is its harmony. Feldman’s whole career was a search… Continue reading Bowerbird Presents: Either / OR Performing “For Philip Guston” By Morton Feldman

A Journey Back In Time To The 14th Century: Bowerbird Presents Corina Marti

Bowerbird presents Corina Marti at the Rotunda

Corina Marti, an Early music specialist, performed a concert of late fourteenth-century music for recorder and clavisimbalum (early keyboard instrument). The performance took place at The Rotunda in Philadelphia, PA. The majority of the music in this concert came from the album: I Dilettosi Fiori

Solarists: Haitian Rail

Haitian Rail: Solarists

Avant-garde super-group Haitian Rail released Solarists, their second full-length album, on New Atlantis Reocrds. Solarists brashly charts the common spaces between creative noise rock and the jazz avant-garde, while shattering the restrictive barriers between them. Formerly dubbed Ricart/Millevoi Quartet, the new lineup features: Nick Millevoi,  Guitar Edward Ricart, Bass Dan Blacksberg, Trombone and Kevin Shea,… Continue reading Solarists: Haitian Rail

Perilous Architecture: Dan Blacksberg Trio

Perilous Architecture - Dan Blacksberg Trio

Ars Nova Workshop, in partnership with the Archer Spade Performance Series presented the record release show for Perilous Architecture: Dan Blacksberg Trio’s latest brain child. Dan Blacksberg, Trombone Matt Engle, Bass Mike Szekely, Drums In the Dan Blacksberg Trio, the innovative and genre-defying trombonist brings an expansive and creative new vision to the cutting-edge jazz… Continue reading Perilous Architecture: Dan Blacksberg Trio

Quartets Without Borders

Shayna Dulberger, Julius Masri, Keir Neuringer and Simone Weissenfels

Fire Museum presents: Simone Weissenfels, piano (Leipzig, Germany) Shayna Dulberger, bass (NYC) Julius Masri, drums (Philadelphia) Keir Neuringer, reeds and Saxophone (Philadelphia) The quartet performed a set of improvisational music at The Rotunda, Philadelphia.

Devin Hoff

Devin Hoff

Devin Hoff is a Colorado born, Philadelphia based musician and songwriter. His main instruments are the double bass and bass guitar. Hoff has worked in many musical contexts and with a wide array of jazz, free jazz, avant-garde rock, and folk musicians. Some musicians and bands he has worked with include: Nels Cline, Vijay Iyer,… Continue reading Devin Hoff

Trio = Erik Ruin + Archer Spade(Nick Millevoi & Dan Blacksberg)

Trio = Erik Ruin + Archer Spade(Nick Millevoi & Dan Blacksberg)

Archer Spade and Erik Ruin weaved sight and sound in a collective improvisation using Electric and Acoustic guitar, trombone, and tapes; providing the soundtrack for layered images of disaster – both elemental forces gone awry, and societal breakdown- that splintered and shook into abstract form and color as Ruin manipulated piles of paper cuts and… Continue reading Trio = Erik Ruin + Archer Spade(Nick Millevoi & Dan Blacksberg)

Duo = Thollem McDonas + Brian Chase

Duo = Thollem Mcdonas + Brian Chase

Thollem/Chase is the powerhouse, free-wheeling duo of the perpetually-traveling pianist Thollem McDonas and drummer Brian Chase of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and downtown NY improv scene. Their upcoming album: Dub Narcotic Session will hit the stores in May. Please check the homepage of New Atlantis Records for details. Chase is a drummer and composer living in… Continue reading Duo = Thollem McDonas + Brian Chase